Tuesday, May 31, 2005

June is Reading Month

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Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald is June's book of the month, for anyone who wants to take a literary trip to the French Riviera let's go! For a review click here. Check it out at your library today! More to come.

Did Anyone Else Golf?

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Sounds like we were all on the links yesterday, I shot 42, what'd you shoot Steve?

Memorial Day Golf "A Reminder"

Yestrday I went golfing with my father in law. It was not a day only to remember our soldiers who fought bravely for our country, but also a reminder that I have a breathtaking slice. God will use things to remind you how much you need Him, and in my case he uses golf, a game invented for the Scottish alone, and obviously not for the Finish. Other reminders on memeorial day were:
1.) Father-in-law is always on the green in two
2.) Brother-in-law kevin hits it 100 yards farther than I can
3.) Brother-in-law Jason is a lost cause when it comes to golf
4.) Shea and her sister Jen were homeschooled (no clue how Lincoln died)
5.) Fat free hotdogs taste like rubber

What a great day to remember the vets of the past wars, and in wes's case world war 3. Possibly someday wes, someday. Missed that one in history class, huh? We'll blame dad lampi for that one.

Peace Out form the Mountian

steve and shea

Monday, May 30, 2005

The B-day Weekend Comes to an End

Warner Brothers Studio
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Alas, Abigail's weekend of birthday bliss came to an end today with one final present...a V.I.P Tour of the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank. Abs, Stu & Jan, Karen, B& B and I got an early start just north of Hollywood and got quite an experience on a most fascinating tour. We were greeted right away in the parking lot by what had to be the most cordial, gentle, and caring parking attendant the world has ever seen. "Just stay on the cross walk right through Bugs and Daffy and you'll be well on your way!!!" Our tour guided Dean took good care of us navigating us for over 2 hours through many currents sets including ER, The West Wing, Joey, and Friends. But, what Abigail had really come to see was our jaunt through Stars Hollow, the ficitional small town setting for Gilmore Girls. Part of the tour also took us through this immense warehouse where they build all the sets. We got a sneak peak at some of the stuff being built for the upcoming Pirates of the Carribean 2.
Fun was had by all and we have been reflecting throughout the day at just what power is wielded on the relatively small piece of land. The power to create virtual reality out of cardboard and plastic. The power to create fictional worlds that are so close and yet so untouchable. The power to shape ideas, cultural trends, fashion, politics, and even morality to an extent. Larger than life in many ways but just a few short miles down the 210 from our reality. Pretty fascinating. Miss the rest of the crew. Blessings to all this short work week!

felices memorial day

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so yesterday I asked Wes what memorial day was specifically celebrating because I couldn't remember. His first answer was "world war 3" until he realized that wasn't possible. Then he said, "i don't know, war and soldiers."

close, wes, but no cigar.

Friday, May 27, 2005

the blogs all in japanese

well i hope this makes it, this would be the first international blog I suppose. Tokyo, Japan, a city I always dreamed about but never dreamed itd be like this. I came from the airport all the way to the hotel where Im staying now. The people on the train were very helpful and the kids giggled at my Japanese. But I found a place to stay for 3500 yen a night on the 36th floor of a hotel in downtown Shinjuku, this is where Lost in Translation was filmed. Last night Imet my dear friend Shoko for dinner, we had soba and tempura at a traditional izakaya restraunt, and then we strolled up and down and watched the Neon bright Tokyo lights. Icame back to my Hotel exhausted and I took a Japanese bath on the top floor of the hotel looking over the city. I quickly fell asleep and woke up this morning at 430 asleep and woke up this morning at 430. I hope you all are well. Imiss you and Ill update this blog when i get the chance.
sayonara for now. Andrew San


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My mechanic said, "it could be a God thing"

son of a gun

Darnit! Happy Birthday Abs. I'm late again

love steve and shea
FLORES para TIA ABBY! FELIZ CUMP!  Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Happy Birthday to You

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Abigail, I hope you had a wonderful So-Cal day to celebrate with and that all of your wishes come true. Happy Birthday, enjoy the poppies they're my favorite.

Love WES


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Hey guys my mom took this photo this week. Aren't I cute?

andrew measuring ben

andrew measuring ben
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Some old times in Waynesville

morning worship

morning worship
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Our morning community worship

feagle= freedom+eagle

feagle= freedom+eagle
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Doesn't this face looked painful?

what's andrew doing, my word?!

I am going to post a string of photos that I had developed this week dating all the way back to July! Be sure to scroll down to see the other day's post since the pics are going to be long long long.

(look at those D.R.'s on andrew).

Our own American Idol

On wednesday, I had quite a weird day.. I had to take the day off because I was summoned to the Grand Jury of Los Angeles in Downtown LA. I arrived a bit early so I decided to cruise up to Hollywood and check out the American Idol hype. While waiting for the subway a guy was asking me how to ride it and if he could just ride with me to help him out. As i sat next to him, i saw he had these plastic bracelets...county jail bracelets. yes, he was just released from the county jail that was right next to union station. He had just gotten out about 10 minutes before and was on his way home i guess. o we had an interesting ride. As I was walking around Hollywood, I was stopped by a Fox reporter and asked to do an "on camera interview" .. being the actor i am, i agreed the taping began. The put a wireless mic and had the camera right in my face, to make a long story short, I appeared on the Fox Station in D.C. doing impressions of Simon Cowell. I even had a crowd. After I left, I went to the Grand Central Market where I saw a bum pushing his cart of clothes...and there was smoke rising...thinking to myself, i bet his cart is on fire. Sure enough, his cart went up in flames and me and another guy helped put it out. We pushed it over and were stomping out the flames.. The fire department soon came roaring in and took over. I finally made it to the court.

A special birthday video for Abigail

Happy birthday to a cool sister-in-law. Party like you're 27.

Hhhhmmmm..what happens if I click this?

Congrats are in Order!

Fuller...Here She Comes!
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On the eve of her 27th birthday, Abigail received word that she has been accpeted into the Brehem Center at Fuller Theological Seminary. I'm so proud and excited for her to begin her Master's Degree in Theology and the Arts. So I guess there's going to be another West Coast graduation to attend in the future. Joel, can we count you in? Way to go Abigail!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Fresh wind and fire in the comforts of your own home!


Lake Michigan

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Spent some time at Lake Michigan this week with some friends from around Michigan. I went in the lake 3 times. Shrinkage factor was amazing. Man parts felt like they were on fire. This is obviously not a picture of lake michigan, can you tell why? Good luck. See you in a couple weeks cali friends. We are coming out on the 10th of june. Don't worry, we have our own car, so you won't have to pick us up. Shea is very excited for the beach. I am excited to take off my shirt and watch people react. See you later. Have a great week. Sarah and wes, glad you are not hurt, are you sure you don't need a neck brace? Peace from the pleasant mountain.


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Close Call

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The Tracer (merth), D's B's, the silver bullet (Andrew's Volvo), the Bu (Malibu) and now the red wagon. Sarah and I had a close call yesterday returning home from getting groceries, I had just got off the phone with Jeff and we had the green light to turn left through a busy intersection...BOOM, some guy talking on his cell phone blasted right through the red light going about 50 mph, I slammed on the brakes, he swerved and nailed the front end of our car. We were fine because he hit the front end of our car but if he would have hit us from the side who knows what would have happened. Needless to say the Volvo is a little dinged up, our strawberries got thrown everywhere but we're alright and so was everyone in the other car. Lessons learned cell phones and cars are a dangerous combo, and as the world's greatest driver always said "even though you have the green light, look and make sure no one is coming" peace out - make sure you vote on the book of the month if your in-- wgsg

I think we should read...
Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway
Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury
Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
None of these interest me I'll stick with the Prayer of Jabez!

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

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my good friend deborah really wanted to make her Blog debut

glow necklaces bring out the wild side

J & A 006
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throwin' signs

J & A 008
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Just hip hoppin' at the Urban Youth Workers Institute

J & A 003
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Friday, May 20, 2005

to read or not to read?

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"To feel most beautifully alive means to be reading something beautiful, ready always to apprehend in the flow of language the sudden flash of poetry."
- Gaston Bachelard
maybe its because I married a librarian but lately I've been feeling like I need to read more and inevitably every summer I pick a bunch of books (Jabez, 40 Days, Left Behind) that I want to read but rarely do. I have a feeing a few of you may share this feeling so I wanted to start a monthly book reading club for lack of a better word, with the hopes that if more than one of us are reading the same book we might get more out of it by way of discussion and would be more likely to actually read. Here's how I see it working, each month we'll choose a genre, come up with a handful of titles (approximately 200-300 pages)and vote on which to read. If your in, I have taken the liberty of choosing June's genre (Short Fiction Classics) and four selections that you can vote on below here they are, results will be posted on June 1.
Tender is the Night - F.Scott Fitzgerald
The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemmingway
Dandelion Wine - Ray Bradbury
Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger

I think we should read...
Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway
Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury
Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
None of these interest me I'll stick with the Prayer of Jabez!

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an ice cream cone today

Fell asleep on the train this morning, that's how I started my day. I was coming home from the city and I passed the time by reading my book which quickly turned into me falling asleep while reading my book. The train blazed right by the Covina stop while I was still fast asleep. So I took the train all the way down to Pomona where I was greeted by the 90 degree heat. My refuge Jacob was at the UYWI Conference enjoying a hip hop dance performance so I had the time to walk a mile to the bus stop and catch the 187 to Glendora. I was a little grogy but I took a shower, ate some breakfast, and cleaned my room. I agree with Abigail, there's a certain stillness and quiet in the air these days. Maybe it has something to do with graduating, maybe it has something to do with saying good-bye to good friends, and embarking on a trip to Japan. And maybe this is just sounding like the 2003 Jeff/Steph Christmas card. Anyways, I'm enjoying my time post graduation. I've been real productive and it's a bit surprising. Maybe these last four years inspired something in me. But I made a resume, sent it to Dad for polishing, and I've already sent it off to a real amazing job lead. I attended a info meeting about another position working for a non-profit organization, and I'm headed up to Big Sur this week-end for a camping trip and one last time with my three best college friends, Bob, Jay, and Michael. Then I'll be packing my bags for a trip to Japan and perhaps I'll post the first international blog. I'm healthy, I'm happy, I'm loved, and I love. And I'm going to get an ice cream cone on the way home.

Friday Musings

It's Friday morning and instead of ending 1st period I've got the day off to attend the Urban Youth Workers Institute at APU with Abigail. It's really an amazing 3 day event that with thousands of youth workers from around the country. It's got a creative urban edge complete with hip-hop block parties and Latin flair. Last night they had the Asian urban hip-hop dance team that was really cool. All I kept thinking was what it would take to get Joel to get his techno grove on and join the Soulscape Hip-Hop Crew. Or maybe Cherie and the BCC ladies could bring it!

Ben, Andrew and I have also recently gotten into mountain jogging. Specifically, we've been running Glendora Mountain Road. We start at the base and ascend somewhere between 1,000-2,000 feet (about 4-5 miles) roundtrip. Yesterday, it was blazing hot but we went for it. We encounted two pretty good sized California king snakes along the way (where was Dad with his B-B gun when we needed it?) We got back in time to all have a good sweat off and watch the World Champs send Reggie into retirement. Looking forward to Abigail's b-day celebration next week. Bring the blog love on Thurs. Miss all the Mid-West folk.

Some parting questions...
Pistons or Heat? Bo Bice or Carrie Underwood? Orange or Arnge? David or Joel? McFadden or Yarbrough? Kevin Keene or Mike Reynolds (best BCC intern)? King Like You (Wes) or You are the King (Steve)? Nylund or Dad (you figure)? Field M or J? Pine Valley or Alger Pines? Let the water cooler debates begin!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Thursday wrap-up

After a very warm day I am finally cooled off, sitting in my big blue chair, breathing in a perfectly graceful evening. Life just seems quiet outside right now... I'm trying to match my mind to the stillness of the world outside my door. It's been a busy day, week, year and though it's bitter-sweet to cap off another semester of Homework House, I'm looking forward to some down time before the intensity of the summer kicks in. The children are amazing to me and I am better for having them a part of my life. I love them so much it hurts. I hope they know that. I receive an unspeakable amount of life through their hugs and their eyes. I wish that all of you could know them. I am thankful for the Homework House's newest employee and all the love and wisdom she will impart to the kids! She's already off to a fantastic start.
Update on our neighbors, Lynette and Alfredo: They have started coming to our church and they seem to really enjoy it. Jacob and I are doing weekly "marriage counseling (or whatever you want to call it)" with them and I have to admit that it's kind of refreshing to have to talk about your faith in the simplest way possible. I've been challenged to set aside any of my assumptions that they have some foundational knowledge of the Bible or Christianty. They don't get Christian rhetoric and they probably couldn't tell you one book of the Bible outside of Genesis, but they want a great marriage and I think they're figuring out that the key component to that is Christ. We're having fun spending time with them and I'm very thankful that God has put them in our lives. Pray for Jacob. The wedding is in two weeks and I have a feeling that the type of ceremony he's going to conduct will be unprecedented in their families.
Tonight I am so thankful for our wonderful friends and family. I'm blessed to be surrounded by such godly, inspiring, passionate, and creative individuals. One of God's greatest acts of grace in my life has been placing me in this family. I love you!

inspector says...

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its a dreary Thursday evening, I'm getting ready to watch the Piston's game and maybe drink a Corona left over from Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Here are my finds and thoughts for the week-----

I read this poem at 5:30 p.m. today, if you open up the right side of your brain for 5 minutes this David Berman poem will help you wind down after work!

Talk of the Nation had a show on the effects globalization is having on religion (listen) I was wondering what our expert (Andrew) would say. N.T. Wright has some great insight into the role Christians should take in engaging culture (article) read the intro and conclusion if you don't want the read it all.

I love Philip Glass, this piece from The Hours Soundtrack is worth a listen

the game is underway (slow start for Pistons), Corona is open, I'm just wondering if Jeff will call me back tonight


This is awesome! Go to www.one.org and join the One Campaign to end world poverty and AIDS. Just chillin and thinkin' about everybody during an eventful school professional development day. One LOVE!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

In case anybody is wondering what my students will be wearing with pride next week......I present to you the new design of our Spanish class' t-shirts, in support of fair labor and social justice. You guessed it! I SARAH JANE SPECIAL. Gras, sj. see you cats this weekend. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

An inspirational Article for all!

As most of us already have known the inspirational story of the famous Jack Yates, here is an article from education world and a picture too.

He went from Janitor to Principal...heres the story..

Mastodons storm the fort

Here's a link to the a page with all of the mastodons that are sitting around all over Fort Wayne. If you click the picture gets bigger. I know it's hard to grasp the size, etc, but this was the best I could find. I think my favorite is the "mast"er builder....which is your favorite?


Kevin McConeghy. BAM!
O.k. A new blogger trend. "Guess who quizzes". After searching for my padre's school #, I came across this misterious maestro who has a thing for botanicals. 5 blogger points for the first one to blog in the answer. Who is it??? Posted by Hello

Kangaroos with a pouch to store your quarters

What's faster - a puma or a kangaroo?
Just curious
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Monday, May 16, 2005

Look at them! The shoes.

I mean, come on, there's a cool puma on the side of them.


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Have you ever bought a much needed pair of shoes soley on looks. Cast your eyes on these beauts. Puma Tenos. No info needed. No reviews to read. You had me at hello. I will see you in 7 to 10 business days.


Just Chillin' with some suds

Just wanted to say what's up from the "Lou"
The weather's been great for relaxin in the back yard and sippin on my beverage of choice!
My outdoor vibrating chair is so sweet! You guys gotta get one of these.
Oh yeah, my mom and pop - Anna and David say hello too
- Rogizzle Jinkizzle
aka=Ra Ra
aka=Roger B.
aka=Bud Posted by Hello
Thank you for loving me so much this year!!! You are the best abuelos and tios in the world!  Posted by Hello
Wish everyone could have made la fiesta on Saturday. The community isn't whole without you. A reflective, joyous, and crazy celebration for c-unit. I can't wait for you guys to have your first. Wesley, remember this??? "Dude, time just stood still..." Posted by Hello
Feliz Cumpleanos, Caleb Steven Lampi. I can't believe you're 1! The best year of your mommy and daddy's lives... Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Wes, I'm Sorry.

Unlce Wes and Aunt Sarah,
Hey it's me, the H-Bomb. I have a few things I would like to say to you guys. I wasn't the best when you were here because I thought my mom and dad were paying more attention to you than to me. I'm sorry for biting your legs and running off for no reason and stealing your stuff (I feel bad about your purse Aunt Sarah). My mom told me I was just looking for attention in a negative way. I realize now that it wasn't very nice. As soon as you left I missed you. Our house seemed so empty without you... I went into your room and there were no socks and suitcases to sniff. I keep asking my mom and dad when you guys will be back and they say that maybe you won't come back because I was a little greedy while you were here. Please know that I'm sorry and I love you very much. I would also really like to meet my cousin, June, someday. I hear she's really cool. I miss you.
Harley Gaines

Friday, May 13, 2005


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(I hope this photo shows up.)

I just wanted to let the Gaines/Lampi crew know that our good friends the Booth's had their second son, Eli David Booth, this morning.


Webcam update

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So, I've been looking into the webcam possibilities for our families--considering we're divided over the mac/pc issue. It looks like the two main video providers are MSN messenger (the video only works on PC's) or Ichat (which as far as I know is only available for Mac). The newest Ichat is compatible with AOL, but I don't think any of the non-Mac users have AOL. So, Ben and Becky can chat with us and Jake and Ab can chat with the Lampi's and Bill and Lena! (kidding). Perhaps for now we can look into getting video cams for the two Macs or something (since we don't have anyone here to share a PC with).

I also use MSN messenger (which is just chat). Any of us with a hotmail or MSN e-mail address can download it for free. That might get the ball rolling.

Aside from this blog we want to try our best to keep in touch (since Wes and I are awful at returning phone calls).

This is just a quick crash-course.
any thoughts?
anyone in on the deal?

Lampi's, you in?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Back to the Forthttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

Originally uploaded by wes gaines.
Hey, for all of you who were wondering... turns out I have a little viral gastroenteritus (loose stools still coming like a flood). I think Dr. Tom could help me out there! Anyways, we had an excellent time with y'uns, only wish we could do it more often. Lets get videocams! Talk to you all soon. 1 Year for C-unit coming up next!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This is the great adventure!

Well, I graduated this past week and I wanted to say thank you to every body for coming out and making the moment ever more momentous. I love you all and I couldn't have done it without you. Especially Mom and Dad.
And so many of you have been wondering what I'll be doing next so I thought I'd get on it and hush the rumors that may be swirling. For the next two weeks I will be finishing my classes at Citrus, I will be reading a lot, I will be cleaning my room and packing my bags, saying some good byes as I board a plane headed for Tokyo, Japan. I will spend exactly one month touring Japan in search of the 'good and simple life'. I'll spend a few days in Tokyo but the emphsis of my trip is to spend time in the country side, learning more Japanese, meeting new people, and putting my hands in the dirt.

Upon my arrival back to the States I will intern with the Los Angeles Catholic worker for 6 weeks. The Catholic Worker is a home and soup kitchen in LA's skid row. The home houses volunteers and homeless persons and the kitchen serves up to 1000 meals a day. I will serve in any way needed and I trust this experience to be fulfilling.
Then I'll probably find a place to live and work in Los Angeles, find a wife, and be cool.
That's it for now.
I welcome your prayers.
Que Steven Curtis Chapman.

Thank you CA cousins

Thanks CA cousins for being so accomodating. I had a blast. It's always so refreshing and fun to be around you all. Your family makes me so happy like no other. The gaines family is truly unique and full of the Lord and life. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for all of us.

And we owe it all to Gramie. She was a trooper I have to say.

Thanks beck for introducing me to tivo and dog the bounty hunter
Thank you ben for keeping me calm amidst all the LA violence - I was PRETTY shaken up
Thanks for Holding me in your arms saying it would be alright

Harley - hope your stomach's feeling better - I know how you feel

Wes (dog whisperer) - you make me laugh like no other, "bums don't do that"

Sarah - I don't know a girl as cool as you - You are my favorite librarian of all time - you can refer any book or cd to me anytime - Thanks for taking care of wes

Jake and Abigail - Thanks for letting me sleep on your couch
Abigail - Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne look out! Abigail Gaines is on the move!

Andrew - "Great party!" - "you didn't drink so much as to get drunk - just enough to make me angry" - Jesus videos (www.vintage 21.com)
Congrats on graduating

Aunt Lena - Thanks for being such a wonderful mother and aunt and having 4 wonderful boys who I look up to and admire tremendously. I'm so glad I have an Aunt who can do the splits!

Uncle Bill - Thanks for not asking me why I didn't wear my michigan earing.
I think we discussed taxes briefly, so I'll be sending you a bill in the mail.
FYI - I discovered that it was a cherry not an olive.

Love you all and blessings

#1 cousin


ps - David says "hello" (i know i just grabbed a lot of your attention with that one!)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Oh poop

My rap is poorly written. Notice that I follow no pattern. I forgot to write the 2nd and 3rd stanzas like the first. I will reedeem myself later.

Monday morning rap for everyone's ears to enjoy

I am no sarah, but here it goes:

Sittin at Kaya, drinkin some chai-a
Kaya is a coffe shop, at the Mt. Pleasant top
workin the blog, no sign of any fog
today was a good day (not original line/Ice Cube)

Typing with my digits
can't get rid of the fidgits
drinkin to much coffee
Today was a good day (not original)

this is the last stanza
thinkin 'but tony danza
Who is the boss?
Today was a good day (not original)

That's all for now, I'm no good. Ode to water rocks, steve's rap socks.

Have a splendid week.
Why does snoop dog carry an umbrella..............................Fo Drizzle.

shooting at Ben and Becky's


first I want to thank Andrew Gaines for graduating and letting me be a part of his celebration. I had a great time with my aunt and uncle and cousins. My stay at Jake and Ab's house was very accomodating despite Harley's humping my leg, farting in the car and running into a screaching demon dog. I came out for excitement and the Gaines did not fail to deliver.

I do have to congratulate Ben and Becky for the ultimate excitement of the weekend. I had made an ignorant comment on the way from the airport saying "Compton doesn't look that bad" - I made that comment from the freeway. Jake clarified that it might be a different story if we exited the freeway.
I didn't have to go to Compton to experience LA excitement. The first day I got to see the "daily highway car chase on the news." And tonight . . . after ice cream at 21 choices and after party at Jake and Abigails, B & B and I returned to their apartment for a nice, relaxing evening of Tivo - Bachelor and Dog. Instead we returned to cop cars surrounding their apartment building and police helicopters flying above. I jokingly said "They'll probably have your apartment taped off". Only to find this was not far from the truth. It wasn't their building but the next building over a man was shot 4 times and the police had taped off that building.

In tears, I called Jake to come pick me up, which he refused - saying "Welcome to L.A."

So anyway,
I came out for excitinment and I have to say the CA gaines delivered.
Wicked party at Andrew's house, a very loving and gaseous Harley, and a shooting. What else could I possibly ask for?
I guess tomorrow is another day. We'll see what happens between now and when I board the plane.

Excited to make my first post to the blog

#1 Cuz

Joel Eisleben

Saturday, May 07, 2005


WISH WE WERE THERE ANDREW! CONGRATS! We in sunny and 70 degree Michigan are sooo..excited for you and would love to be with all the Gaines to celebrate this happy event! It's a bit of an adventure at this point , and that " degree"can open some amazing doors Andrew! Just look at all your brothers! Who'd guess on the day of their graduations? 2 teachers/coaches and an environmentalist! Just be sure to seek God in your decisions, and you will surely find the contentment that they have found in their careers. I wish you great joy!

WISH YOU ALL WERE HERE! Thursday nite Steve spoke to the His House students just before they packed up to go home for the summer! What a beautiful message he shared about God's grace and His Holy Spirit being within each of them as they leave the security and support of their Christian friends. He shared from his heart and experiences how God is here to take us back when we stumble, just for the asking. Many of us experienced a few tears and laughter.
I know I'm his mom, but he has the gift of preaching as well as worship. He did as awsome job...I know Steve...with lots of God's help. SMILE

Well, let me tell you about Jeff. For years, everywhere we go, and I mean everywhere .. at least in MI, we would hear from moms and students how wonderful Jeff is as a teacher. This year, I hear often from others how they have read about Jeff in the newspaper regarding his involvement with student exchanges in Lansing, a diversity club, Central America support etc.
Sometimes he isn't even aware of which article I'm talking about when I ask him! Anyway, Norm and I are very proud of our sons. and I think I can speak for Lena and Bill....We as parents sure are blessed with 6 terrific sons.

Ok..I'm done now...You know...Graduation Day is a day of reflection...so I couldn't help but reflect...love you all ....You tooo girls...very much!!


P.S. Now aren't you glad I don't write daily or weekly! X O

Friday, May 06, 2005

Is this real?

Originally uploaded by wes gaines.
I might be crazy but when did Jacob and Amelia ever play giant basketball together?

Its great to be in California.


So I failed to finish what I started last week with STeve-o's fun affirming friday initiative, so here it is... I Love the LAMP/GAINES FAM porque...

Wes: I did you last week, so ya' know...well..ok...I'm jealous of your caloused digits that so gently pet those steel strings of your beloved 1996 prom date..might I add...effortlessly.
Sarah Jane: quietly hilarious...you crack my you know what up! Isaiah 58:10 girl por siempre! Fair trade clothing line coming to a store near you????? You will be filled (matt 5:6)
Andrew: Free thinker who undeniably cannot be tamed be the routine and comfortable muzzle "America"(inGW's voice) can put on "christianity". Start a revolution and I'm right behind you!
Ben: hands and feet of Jesus
Becky: I see mommyhood coming soon....You are going to be an amazing mom!
Abagail: MAtthew 25:34...undoubtebly one of the most outward focused,selfless individuals I know (and know much better..I think we went deeper in our friendship last time out in CAli)
Jake: You are the God Father of all us kids. We look to you, our Solomon. Seriously.
Bill: One of the only pure, roid-free bikers this day and age. My man, your sons are a true consequence of your convictions. (period)
Lena: You will inherit the earth...my meek mommy
Mom: Your continuous sacrifice for others, your sons and daughters, your burdesome brothers (many times), your father...............I hope I show Caleb and his siblings how to serve others like you have for Steve and I.
Dad: my role model. period. Teacher, Father, Friend, Lover, Brother
Steve: I now admit that you can beat your BIG brother up, but on a more serious note...You're a better man than I am. I want to see Jesus the way you see Him everyday. Steph and I look up to our YOUNGER brother.
Bae (my wifey): "...but the greatest of these is love." I don't deserve God's grace and His perfect gifts. You are perfect for your two boys. You surrender your life everyday. Happy First Mother's Day.
Caleb: I'll never be the same.
June and Harley: I hope to get to know you more. Woof! I like that you don't smell bad.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ode to Water by Sarah Jane Gaines

Originally uploaded by wes gaines.
for Pablo Neruda

At the tap of the bath,
in the hem of a rain cloud,
the eye-crease of a woman-
you are waiting
for whoever will welcome you.

With refreshing dropsyou long to pour yourself
into the porcelain basin, onto the woman's fleshy cheek,
over the golden corn and deserts as dry as elbow skin.

You dream of washing over the landlike a river
to bring drink to all thirsty and cleansing to all unclean.
You gather behind silver faucets
in the homes of the lovers of water,
form puddles under the tear ducts
of unlucky widows and emotional mothers,
and put all your weight on the giving stitch of the cloud seam-
not only to cover those who know of your revival
but also in hope of their cups overflowing
and spilling into thirsty mouths

well done - off to california tommorow-out wg

Happy Cinco de Mayo

As I sit here in my classroom, eating authentic taquitos, menudo, beans and rice from the class next door, I thought I would wish everyone a happy cinco de mayo. Lets all remember the importance...or do you know what we celebrate...hmm...well no it is not mexican independence day...nope, its when the Mexican Army defeated the Napoleon III and his French troops who were trying to invade and take over Mexico in 1862. "Go home", said the Mexicans as they defeated the French at the battle of Puebla. And if you think, why should I celebrate this day...I am all the way in Michigan, what does it have to do with me?.....well my friend, if the French took over Mexico...what would they have gone after next...thats right the good ole US of A. Have a margarita and celebrate!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"What the crap just happened!"

My wife has been solid, I can hoenstly say not taking things into her own hands without any sense or thought before. But yesterday it happened. Shea's boss said, "Shea, your husband sings right?" Shea replies, "oh yes." Boss says" would he sing at the comencement for davenport?" Shea replies, "oh, yes" I know it's tough to say no to a boss, but come on, give me a break honey. Next thing I know shea is telling me that I am singing at comencement at the Dow Event Center. Let me remind everyone that I have had no vocal training skill what so ever. I don't always hit the right note and why the heck would they ask some kid from Mt. Pleasant to sing at comenceemnt. I don't even know anything about Davenport except my wife works there. The song conveniently designated to sing by the university..................."America the beautiful". What the crap! Am I on American Idol or something. Dude, what just happened? Wait what just happened? Wait.......come on.........let me.............wait, what? I have to sing "America the Beautiful" at a commencemnt with like thousands of people. Couldn't they book Clay Aiken or something? He loves to sing. Girls love him, heck America loves him. What am I doing. I am going to seeing each persons face in this family with a smirk on it as I sing. I hope I don't start laughing. I have to go.

Yours truly,
Kelly Clarkston (Steve) RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Check it Out

click here

with a little help from wes

Sunday, May 01, 2005

I'm blessed for my family

I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with my family at Jeff's b-day party last Friday. As I watched my sons and their wives (Caleb too) I realized that God has answered my prayers. I have two son who love the Lord with all their hearts and souls. I also have two beautiful daughter-in-laws that love the Lord with their all their hearts and souls. Together with their most special friends, I stood back and watched God working in so many lives. Mary and Ben, Brad and Meg, Jamie and Ben, Wes amd Sarah, Bill and Lena. Thank you for being a part of my family. I pray that I can continue to grow in the Lord and become the father,husband, friend, and grandfather, God wants me to be. Pray for me.
To Ben and Becky and Jacob and Abigail, and Andrew, Debbie and I will be in California June 16-23. We want to get together and take all of you out to lunch or breakfast. We will set a time and place as the date draws closer.
Everyone have a great week. Norm
Daaaaaaaannnnnggggg, Girl.  Posted by Hello
You complete me. Posted by Hello
"Hey giiiiiiiirrrrrl. U R fine! How far was the fall from heaven? What's it gonna take for a guy like me to play ball with a girl like yourself? Is that 2% milk your drinking cause you think your fat? Cause you know, you could probably be drinking whole." Anyway, it's so special for a dad to get a chance and witness his son's first (whooops...Second...Isabelle) crush. Caleb and Mckenna had some QT last weekend...all went well....that girl gots some pipes. Future in the WWF? BY THA WAY..on another note...I reread my last blog from Saturday morning AND I FAILED TO MENTION THAT MY OTHER PARENTS, BILL AND LEEN CAME TOO!! I'm an idiot, sorry guys. That meant so much to me.  Posted by Hello