Monday, August 25, 2008

Restore the Roar

Did anybody else share this dream? If it's not too late, I would like to jump on the bandwagon. And could the Lions also please sign Dave Pearson, Anthony Quinn, Jake Falls, Jason Jakabowki, James Oaks, Steve "Special Operations Unit" Lampi and Ben Gaines for the "Unfinished Business" tour.

Mckenna and Crowder share a moment.

As some of you know, my 4 year old niece McKenna has been a huge Crowder fan for, well, about 3 years now, That is all she wanted to listen to from about the age of one. a few weeks ago, she decided to write him a letter to thank him for the music he makes and that she really likes it. Not really expecting any reply, she received a note from Waco, Texas this past week. As you can guess, it was a hand written note to Mckenna with his patented drawing of himself. Kind of a cool deal that he'd take time to write her back. She now refers to him as "Dave".


Saturday, August 23, 2008



Yesterday, on ESPN, an NCAA analyst picked MSU 3rd in the Big Ten and much improved, and heralded Javon Ringer as the fastest running back in the nation ! I hate hearing that, because it just makes it that much harder if he's wrong... stay tuned


Monday, August 18, 2008

Jackson Goes to Costco

This past weekend Jackson made his cart debut at Costco. He is such a big boy, as he is now riding in the cart without a carseat!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Directions to Reunion

Hi "covenant family"

Here are the directions to the lake (from Brighton). If you are coming from another place (Steve and Shea - already taken care of), let me know. Call Steph's cell 517 214-6998.

So here they are:

Take US 23 NORTH towards FLINT

Take I-69 EAST exit towards PORT HURON

about 60 miles later...

get off at exit 196 WADHAMS Rd.

Turn LEFT off exit and about go about a mile...(through light, down a big hill)

Turn right at bottom of hill on NORTH RIVER

go about 8.5 miles or so...look for NORMAN rd (ha!)...that's the last road you'll go past until you...

see a white church in front of you to the left---abandoned...home? I'm not sure (you'll also see a white church to your right on this road, but earlier on..)

Turn RIGHT there! on BURTCH Rd and drive about 1 1/2 miles until...

you run into a red light...turn left on M-25're almost here...

drive about 10 miles on M-25 until you see a putt-putt golf course and driving range, and right there on your RIGHT in front of it is the SANDPIPER! Turn right.

Drive slowly (10 miles/hr.) through park, pass baseball field on left, around the turn, you'll see the lake below, turn right and go down the hill,

take a left and look for the 2 trailers with the Jewish stars on the front..they are the 3rd and 4th trailers down on.. park in front and...




Call if lost

Monday, August 04, 2008

Last Minute Instructions

Hello... I thought it was about time that I post some last minute reminders about the gaines-lampi retreat. Review: Thank you for the $20 from each couple I have bought snacks, and will be buying breakfast and lunch food for everyone so that when you get there you can get settled and enjoy. I am asking if each couple will bring the following to split up the fruit: Bill/Lena-Watermelon, Norm/Debbie-Watermelon, Jake/Ab-Bananas, Wes/Sarah-Grapes, Steve/Shea-Strawberries, Jeff/Steph-Apples. This will be a huge help to me, thanks!! Also, I want to remind you that Jake/Ab and Wes/Sarah you do NOT need to bring a pack-n-play we have two up there for you ready to go. I have kids shampoo and toothpaste well stocked for the kiddos. We have blankets and pillows for everyone! Shea and I will have 2 monitors one for each place.
Oh yeah, Jeff and I thought that it would be a great idea if we read a book and have a bible study each day. We really wanted to be intentional about setting-up time with the Lord as a group. We picked the book Your Home a Place of Grace, by Susan Hunt. This book is great and pertains to all of us and the stages of life we are in so I am really excited about sharpening each other and digging into the word as a group. Wes and Steve- guitars for worship, Please if possible. Books will be arriving on Wed. to Norm and Debs so they said we can make arrangements to deliver them to the Gaines family. Sorry this is so late. This is intended to grow us as friends, families, parents, grandparents, husbands, and wives. So read it together if you can as couples. If possible could you read Part One: Ch 1-6 by Monday. Then we will split up part two and discuss that part during the week together.
Here is a quick overview I will have breakfast and lunch food for everyone. Bagels, PB/Jelly (organic), Milk for cash (Organic whole), Pancakes, Cream Cheese, Egg Casseroles, Muffins, Granola/Yogurt. Lunch- Sub sandwiches, Veggie Burgers, Wraps, pasta salads, Chips/Guac/Salsa and more. Dinner- I will have dinner for everyone on Sunday and Monday and then we can decide if we want to go out, or get pizza a day whatever the group decides. If you can let us know when you plan on arriving. Jeff and I will be there on Sat morning so whenever you come we will be ready. This is so exciting and awesome to be apart of such a close knit family. I can remember when I first was introduced to the Gaines family (ferret in pocket-crazy). I can't help but see God's divine hand in all of our lives, amazing parents, marriage, children and wise God fearing/loving grandparents. I feel extremely blessed to be part of this extended family. I cannot wait to see everybody! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.
Love, Stephanie