Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Year of Blogging

The family blog has now passed the one year mark, and there were over 480 posts in the first year, which is pretty amazing. Hopefully it has served its purpose, to keep us all in touch with eachother and allow us to share our thoughts, pictures, etc. Anyways, as usual, here are a few things I think you should check out:

Here are some pics from the Heartland, Indiana has the best sunsets in my opinion...
Colina is second

I've been reading Wendell Berry's latest essays "The Way of Ignorance". Wendell Berry is one of my few heros. I think he acts as a modern day "Old Testament prophet" like Amos or Isaiah who few hear and even fewer listen to, a "voice crying in the wilderness". Alright you get the point I like Wendell Berry. Here is an essay to download (The Burden of the Gospels) while reading this for the first time I actually got the chills. Alright, enough...

Here is an amazing story you HAVE to watch this video
it brought me to tears!!

Keep Blogging...

Monday, February 27, 2006

A Day to Celebrate!

Our world loves to mark significant moments in history by setting aside certain days of the year to remember, reflect, and celebrate. It's a way to not only honor the past, but to recogize its ongoing impact on the present and future. And though, overtime, we brutally lose the ultimate meaning of certain holidays (Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's Day), at the core of these holidays may be the freedom one man brought, or battle a nation won, or a love that was bestowed.
Every February 27th is one of my most favorite holidays. This day means so many things to me. As with most holidays, I wasn't there at the beginning. I didn't witness the miracle of Jacob's life coming into this world, yet the impact of this event has changed and influenced my life forever. Every year on Jacob's birthday I tell him the same thing, February 27th, 1976, is one of the best days of my life. On this day, God breathed life into a boy that would not only turn out to be the best husband in the world, but into a man that would touch the lives and hearts of so many with the power of Christ. Jacob lives a life of worship that is wholly devoted to loving God and loving others.
Everyday Jacob lays his hands on me and prays over me and our unborn child (I think just about everyone knows by now!). He prays that even now its heart would beat for Christ and Christ alone. He prays that even in the womb it would glorify its Maker. Bill and Lena, I thank you today because I can't help but assume that you prayed those same prayers over my husband. I think that one of my greatest joys in life will be to see our child follow after Christ with the same passion and intensity as its dad.
Yes, this is a very special day for me. It's about so much more than giving the right gift, or throwing a great party. It's a humble, thankful moment for me. I not only rejoice in what God did 30 years ago, but I celebrate what it means to me, his friends, his family, his students, and his future child! Jacob, here's to another great decade! Your love is still better than chocolate, better than anything else that I've tried!

Oh Happy Day!

Just pausing to remember thirty years ago this morning, a cold morning in Lisle, Illinois.
It was time- time for our first child to be born. But before the time of ultra-sounds, so we did not know what to expect. We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 a.m. and a short hour and a half later, we heard the wonderful words (those same wonderful words that we would hear three more times), "It's a boy" We thanked God then for a beautiful, healthy, baby boy. We continue to thank Him now for His faithfulness and goodness toward you. Happy 30th jacob! Love you, Mom

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy B-day Again Jake!

Hey Cub,

Just sitting and mixin' with my boy Jeremy Livingston in Panera and he told me about a J.J Redick article. READ it. Alright, so I'll give him some props. Peace bro'....have a nice bike ride.
(BTW, remember J's bro Nick Livingston? He is a frosh on Varsity (not Whitmore) and he averages a J.Jesque # 25.5 pts./game.) Sounds like the eldest gaines boy back in the early 90s.

Friday, February 24, 2006

I can relax

Fridays are always so good for kicking it, chillaxin', taking it easy, being cheesy, and blogging. Just got back from lunch; tuna sandwich and a sip of Louise's mango juice. Things here at work are straight easy a.) because my boss is out of town, b.) because it's Friday.

The Japanese are hilarious, wonderful, silly. Check this out:

I just got a new album called 'Loose Fur'. Part Wilco, part Jim O'Rourke. Check it out Wes and Sarah:

The pictures above are from the roof of the American Apparel building downtown. Patrick and I were sneaking around and looking for a good place to put the new American Apparel Radio Station (coming soon!).

I'm getting pumped for a big bike ride with Jake tomorrow, early in the maƱana. 40 something miles? Azusa to the beach!

OK, happy Friday everyone!


cut the MU-llet!

Just thought you all would want to know that our boy wes has gone the dirty route . . . yes that is the beginnings of what can only be described as a rat-tail/mullet combo. And it's not one of those "growing a moustache to be funny" kinds of things but more like the "don't feel like getting a hair cut" thing. Pray for me, guys.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Vineyard Winter Youth Retreat

Lake Arrowhead in Winter
Originally uploaded by jacobgaines.
I've been out of the blogging loop for awhile. On sabattical if you wish due to a full plate the past few weeks. Part of that plate was emptied this weekend as Abigial and I were a part of our youth retreat up in Lake Arrowhead (elev. 5,600ft).

The rest of the SoCal clan can vouch for the fact that we have had about zero percipitation this year. That all changed about 6:00pm Friday night which happened to be the exact time our caravan of 10 packed cars with 43 teens and youth staff got to the base of the San Bernadino Mountains. No sooner had we begun our ascent up to camp than the heavens opened up and began to dumb rain, then thick fog at about 3,000ft, then a blizzard at 4,000ft. We meandered up the steep hills, slipping and sliding until we mirculously made it to the camp (4 hours later).

It snowed all weekend, which the kids just loved (typical SoCal youth...only a few brought gloves and boots). The retreat went great and we all had a blast. Abigail led another amazing time with all the girls, and I spoke at the main sessions. We ended up taking quite a few non-Christian friends of kids in our group, which was cool because some of them made commitments to Christ!

Yesterday, we were scheduled to leave at 2:00pm, but awoke to about another foot of snow overnight. All of our cars were buried and we spent the morning digging them out and putting chains on some of the cars. We were saved by a snow plow at noon, and were able to head down the mountain on time. An hour later we were in the warm, sun soaked valley below giving the kids back to their parents. And now I sit looking at the snow capped mountains in the distance, quite thankful to have had our snow fix for the year. Now on to Colina next month with twenty-one 8th graders from FCS.

And all of this is distracting me from the reality of turning 30 in a week. I will be in the gym every night this week and the SoCal Gaines boys will be riding 30 miles next weekend (from Azuas to the Beach). And I will challenge any Lampi or Gaines guy in the mile run, on the court, or on the weight bench (ok, Steve excluded in everything, and Ben excluded on the bench). 6 days and counting!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Jacob

Gosh! I can't believe you are going to be 30. Your other mom and dad want to wish you a very special happy birthday. Jeff and Steve could not have asked for a better bigger brother to look up to. Thanks for all that you did helping to influence them as they went through the teen and early twenty years. Have fun on your DAY. God Bless Norm and Debbie

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Home, sweet home

Originally uploaded by andrewgaines.
Finally, after what seems like years without having a solid home (9 different places in 2 years), I have found a place to live. Last night after about an hour of negotian, we signed a lease on a new house in Echo Park. I'm the son of a Business man. I'll be moving in on March 1 and I'm in need of many things to make this house a home. Andy is currently accpeting donations of dishes, furniture, a bed, and cash for my increased price of rent.

The house includes amenities like this:

-1.67KW 6-month-old state of the art SOLAR PANEL SYSTEM.
-Wireless, Highest speed available DSL throughout the house. (so I don't have to sit on Jacob's porch at night)
-Solar powered whole house fan for keeping the house cool during the days (seperate from main solar system).
-Satelite T.V. with HBO, Showtime, and over 120 channels
-Washer and dryer
-New Hardwood and Tile floors
-Large 40's designer brick patio/yard
-View of downtown Los Angeles

The address is 1425 Snd St., Los Angeles, CA if you want to check it out on google maps or follow this link

Ok, I can't wait to show you all my new place. Come over anytime. And seriously, I don't have anything so if you have something you want to give me or send me, just let me know.

He's Gotta Go! (prophetically He's Gone)

I guess I've become a true Hoosiers fan now, after dropping 6 of the last seven, not being able to win A Big Ten Game on the road, and in jeopardy of missing the Big Dance again with one of the most talented teams in years...Davis has to go! (Nice Guy/wrong job)

Look for Davis to step down after this year and Steve Alford to get the job.

Alright enough, Happy Birthday Jake!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm losing it

My apologies Jake for setting you a fire on 30 early. I seriously have lost reality. Pray for me (Matt Kurtz). Anyway, better than belated. What day is it anyway??? Keep the wishes in the back pocket, Cubby.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feliz dia de San Valentin todo Y CUMPLEANOS A JAKE!


I have to wish everyone a happy Hallmark Lover's day. This sucks. Alone. J/K I will heading to Fort Meyers area tomorrow nite to see the Mrs. and my little Train conductor who is obsessed with Thomas. Finally.

Before I roll, I gotta give shout out to my boy in G-Dora....HAPPY B-DAY...FELIZ CUMP papa Jake. You are my strength when I am weak..etc etc etc. No in all seriousness, despite your passion to be like Mike, I mean J.J. Redneck, you are the big bro we all look up to. I have said it before and I will "beat the dead horse", you're the guy I want Caleb and rest of sibs to grow up like (no cheese intended...WHAT WHAT YOU SAY the rest of you who are saying I'm pulling the Norm card.....notice that I didn't mention a thing out death). Seriously, you are 30, and that's old and I got some ROGAINE COMING WEST FOR YOU. Cheers to our spiritual leader and bandwagon driver this March who has taken a high stick to the temple and survived, has swam skins in Lake Greyson with Mike Reynolds, denied a smoke on recess from Shannon Brown, rubbed shoulders with M Redman, Tangled with all of us boys, batted clean-up when Micah got put on the Injured List, told me about Jesus when Wes wouldn't, forgave Kobe when he shed his first tear, covered up for the boys during the prank radio station phone call gigs, confronted Louie Weber after his internet accusation on a nice middle school boy (Hmmmm????), didn't lose grip after McFadden's eye-to-eye challenge to hit the H2O with Wesser (when he got b-tized at age 3), and so on and so on and so on.... save some for the rest of the posse to write

Feel Free to use this forum for a threaded discussion (learned that one at MSU) to honor our CUB and his 30th.

BTW, CHeers to Wes and Sarh for a fab weekend and for making this time abit easier for me. Although "the book" not so much with the wife being gone (Jk). Sarah the Librarian was a natural in her domain. I dropped an author's name and within 3 seconds I had every book she wrote plus cliftnotes. Phenomenal. Also, to Wes and his attempt to burn my bro's first CD. Man, that's low bro' but thanks for covering for din din. Thai food was great, your wife is a beauty (WHAT IT!), I got a hickie from both Junie and psycho Petey for a souvenir, and almost a heartattack on the way home. Luv the Fort, we'll be down with the fam again soon. Promise. Da na na na...whatever happened to the promise you made.....da na na na...

Love today and alwayz,


Saturday, February 11, 2006


One Tank of Gas - $35
Dinner at Thai Restaurant - $40
Coffee to stay awake - $10
Laughing with your best friend - PRICELESS

April 16 to New Orleans

April 16-22 mom and dad Gaines, mom and dad Lampi are heading to Gretna, LA. to participate in the Samritan Purse's clean up etc. From seeing where Grtena is located, this looks like one of the hardest hit areas from the levee breaking. Anyone with free time is welcome to join us.

Side note to Joel: I need some "free" tax advice, please call me or send me you e-mail address.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Lonely...oh so lonely......ain't got nobody...to call my own

Hey everyone. This is day 6 w/out my beloved wife, c-unit and bun in the oven. They are spending "quality time" with papaou and yia yia in Fla. I have been busting myself with the MA program here and staying busy but it's been so hard without my fam! I will be joining them next Wednesday for about 6 days or so, then heading back to th EL. But before that, I will engage the rockerboy and his emily dickninson wifie in the Fort on Saturday. Here are some pics of my two favs (plus Kennedy-steph's friend's little tyke) at the park in Bonita Springs. Must be nice. Chao

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

God's Politics

Originally uploaded by andrewgaines.
Jim Wallis is one of my favorite authors, speakers, and Christian leaders. He founded the Sojourners Movement in DC and he wrote the books, 'The Soul of Politics' and 'God's Politics'. Anyways, he spoke at APU chapel this morning. Watch it online, at least watch the beginning to see Tim Hooten's impecable style.


Nashville Nights

Here are some pics from my weekend in Nashville. The album is off to a great start (again). It was an unbelievable opportunity to be able to record at Oxford Sound. We're expecting a spring release and summer tour? Maybe not the tour.

Here are the latest videos I can't stop watching:

Office Linebacker
Young Chuck Norris

Later --

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stuart McKunik

I just wanted to post the Gaines' boys a quick message to ask to pray for our family's former neighbors and friends the McKunik family who lived on School Street with us growing up. Especially to Jacob, Spencer's friend and teamate in HS; Stuart (a year younger than me) took his life last Sunday for reasons unknown. As you may know, Spencer and Stuart had lost their father early during the teen years and NOW, Spencer and his mother could really use our prayers in this horrible time. I will be attending the funeral on this Thursday and will send all of our condolences. He was a great friend growing up, had an adventurous spirit and a special bond with his big brother who is a immpecable person. God's blessings and comfort on his family.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Bono at the National Prayer Breakfast

Okay guys, I'm not a real political blogger, but I think this expresses the desire of all of our hearts. Read Bono's remarks at the national prayer breakfast. I don't remember how to link, so just copy this into your browser: http://www.data.org/archives/000774.php

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sneak Preview. . .

Hey, if you guys want to hear some of Wes's studio progress, you can! Ben and Wes set up a podcast of the drum recording sessions today and have been uploading short tracks of ben's brother playing drums to the guitar "scratch tracks" (not the guitar tracks that will be used on album). hearing drums and guitar may not be that exciting, but seeing Wes's album progressing is!

1. If you don't already have it, download itunes (free for mac and windows)

2. On the itunes toolbar go to "advanced">"subscribe to podcast"

3. copy and paste this into the box that pops up: http://www.hccfw.com/feeds/nashville.xml

bon appetite.

Friday, February 03, 2006

the early bird. . .

Wes was up bright and early before 6 this morning, and is now on his way to Nashville for round two of his recording battle (they decided to completely start over). Let's pray and cross our fingers that this weekend is majorly productive, that the process goes smoothly, and that i don't get kidnapped while i'm sleeping alone.

on a side note, now that all wes's co-workers know he's going to record in nashville they think he's this big rock star. yesterday they were inquiring about it and someone said, "You know, Amy Grant played worship music and she busted out onto the pop charts!" So Wes has just been telling them, "yeah, i'm kind of like amy grant."

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I think we're out of chips

"Mom, I think where out of chips"
"Need a new bag, ASAP!"