Wednesday, April 30, 2008

senior pic rip off

I don't know why Marc-Andre Fleury of the Pittsburgh Penguins stole my senior picture to use on, but I want it back!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008


Here's to my best friend turning 30! Jeff is guy who will do anything for his family, friends, and yes, his students (the only explanation for him becoming the Imperial Officer and letting his students broadcast it all over the web!) Hope your "three-oh" day was incredible Jeff, fill us in on some thoughts from Wallis.

Sunday, April 27, 2008



I'm not sure if y'all need to slow down a bit, but I know my fam is sure looking forward to some down time (besides Steph getting her masters on)...but liek Martin Smith about this time of year, I'm "Waiting for the Summer." And I hope you are too, cause...
Save this date! August 11-16.....We've booked it and inviting everyone out to the lake for any 4 days or so (or 5) within that week, Monday-Friday. We'll be up there the prev weekend getting things ready: golf cart waxed, tan lines covered, jet skis ordered, bars forewarned, coolers stocked, fire logs supplied, refridges with fiddles, beach bball court swept off, and 36 hole golf course tee times made ready.

Yesterday, (thanks again Wes and Sarah) Wes said he is on it making a 2-day GL skins tournament (with rankings, pairings and courtesy strokes for the less savvy). As Wes, Sarah, Steph and I strolled through the Costco (trying to woo Sarah towards some 47" LCD flat screen love), Wes and my eyes set our sights on the OBERON, brewed straight out of Kalamzoo MI. We just looked at each other...and no words necessary besides.....summer, man.

There's a whole lot to do, so get ready for a whole lot of fun with the ninos and some serious moonlight fires and picturesque sunrises out of the east over the H2O.

Here's a pic right after sunset off the coast of Lake Huron to get you in the mind set. No it's not Tahoe, but'll see.......

Jeff xo

PS. Not sure how to pay the plane ticket? How bout using the ole Bush economy stimulator $ to help get you here....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cup Crazee!!

Anyone else getting a little Cup Crazy?!? Maybe this video will help. Here's to the Wings bringing home Stanley and the Komets bringing home Turner.

Friday, April 18, 2008

rapture practice!

Last night we got a rare taste of west coast life, as we were "rocked out of bed" (a phrase that must be used when describing your experience of an earthquake) by a 5.4 earthquake centered in Illinois. Sarah and I both shot up as our house rocked back and forth for about ten seconds. My office full of geologists is buzzing this morning. Tell Booher to crank the rapture clock up a couple more notches!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back Home Again, in Indiana!

We've just returned from a few great days out in California and may or may not be suffering from jet lag. Here's a quick play-by-play:

We flew in on Friday and drove out to Murrieta to meet sweet Jackson and to see the newest Gaines-owned home. Cash had a good time trying to shove a pacifier in Jackson's mouth and pet his head. We got a little Temecula/Murrieta tour complete with bagels and a stop in at Ben's school (thanks for the Golden Bears gear, Ben!).

Then we met Jacob, Abigail, and Gracie at the LA Zoo where the heat was sweltering, but the animals were pretty cool. We drove a couple miles to Andrew's place for a rugby BBQ fundraiser, where I donated $20 in exchange for a haircut from Anj's roommate, Darrin. We got to meet some of Anj's friends and teammates while Cash played in the dirt and enjoyed walking around babbling at strangers.

Sunday morning we made the lovely two-block walk to the Vineyard where Wes serenaded everyone with one of his songs. After naps, we took a dip in Stu and Jan's pool. The guys caught the end of the Masters before all the Gaines' were reunited in Riverside for dinner and Starbucks (and a few attempts at photos of all our kids). We had to say goodbye to Ben, Becky, and Jackson and head back to Glendora.

On Monday, Jacob and Gracie stayed home with us for the day, and our friends the Gallagher's (who live in Colorado but were vacationing in Ventura) drove down for the afternoon. We took all the kids to the park and ate Plaza Produce for lunch. Anj headed back to LA, and we had a relaxing evening letting the kids run around before we had to pack up our stuff for an early morning of traveling.

It's always nice to be home, but this time it was particularly sad having to tear the kids away from each other. They had so much fun playing and bossing one another around. Cash was introduced to play-doh for the first time, which we will always thank Grace for (it saved us on the airplane home!). We miss all of you already! There are more photos in the sidebar for your viewing pleasure, and maybe even a few videos in the days to come.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Greyson update

Yeah, he's still crazy. The kid won't stop moving. He's only been caught on the stove 3 times so far. Today he ripped his clothes off and ran around for a bit as you can see from some of the pics. We love the little man so much, wouldn't trade him for the world. He has a new baby cousin Ethan James who he really didn't seem to be all that concerned about when we went to visit. He did like the heart monitor machine and some chords coming from the mommy's arms. It's an amazing work out program. So we pray and believe God has a great purpose for this little guy. What a joy it is to be a daddy. Peace from midtown.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's ON!

Thank you ALL for responding so promptly,

I do regret after talking to Ben and Becs that we'll have to hope to see them soon at another time than the GL reunion due to the fact they will be headed to HAWAII (CELOSO!) the week 3-9, and Mr. Belding has to report back to school the week of 10-16. We discussed July too, but I think it may be too much to make that happen especially with the new lil dude, JACKSON. We'll miss you guys dearly, and hope to get out there soon or see you here when you come. It won't be the same without you.

Now for decision time. Here are 2 weeks, the first week in August (4-8), and 2nd week (11-15). Now my request is for y'all to respond back letting me know which week is best for your family OR "I don't care." Then we'll let Steph's Mom know and make final arrangements for a INCREDIBLE TIME TOGETHER!

Wes and Sarah: The tough thing about weekends up at the lake, is EVERYONE is there and the Steph's Mom's friend, Stella, said we can use her place (next door to Steph's 2) if it is NOT over a weekend. But let me know if during the week is still not going to work out, and we'll see what another option is.



Con carino,


P.S. Steph had a pretty cool idea: We all read a good book prior and discuss it over coffee or fire and get a bit deep with eachother? Yeigh or Neigh...and book suggestions?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Buenas Tardes y'all,

Well, it's that time a year, when the robin lays its first egg, where kith and kin alike stare at their barren gardens and begin to toil, when students get an extra annoying energy & zeal to have class outside (bad idea jeans...."But seriously Mr. Lampi, we'll totally do our work and be productive..."), and when all of us, mostly midwesterners countdown to summerdayz!

And on that note, I present to you the possibility I threw out about a few months ago: GL reunion '08 on the shores of pristine Lake Huron.

I spoke with the official "party planner" about a week ago and he told me that his Glendora fam will be heading back to the mitten in August and suggested I throw out a few dates. Steph and I need to make arrangements for the mobile home next door to her family's 2, so we wanted to see if the following days work out for you all. And all we ask is if we can EVERYONE to chime back before we embark on the necessary details to make this happen.

If in a day or so we haven't heard from everyone, could one person just call and remind their family member or ask them if they are IN for this annual outing? For example, if I don't hear from Deborah, I'll chat with her and see if she wants to get those clubs polished off for some serious LAKEVIEW HILLS FUN!

As of late, Jake and fam, my parents, Wes and Sarah have given me the "go" I believe.

The dates: The week of August (monday) 11- 16 (sunday). Any 3 days we thought in there would be plenty of time before Wes and get in a fight after a few DOS EQUIS and talk about me messing up his round of golf earlier that morning.

Check your calendars and chime back. Food, family, fires, golf, swim, parks, cable TV (Tigers games!), shopping, stories, ...and an infamous, weird swinging bridge ?????

Here's pic to wet your whistle: Lakeview Hills your heart out Augusta

love jeff

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jake-HAWK wins!

Well Well Well,

Last night's game was the greatest I have ever seen. I barely made it to the end, and with a minute or so and the GREEKGODDESS seeing victory, Cubs "rock-chalk-jayhawks" pull a miracle after the Tigers basically GAVE them the game. Super Mario Chalmers is amazing! And did you hear Calipari's post game presser. Youtube it.

Congrats Jake, your comeback, for the ages. Thanks for playing. Steph took a commendable 2nd, and myself, a third. But I want 1st! So I'm hungry for more.

No money this time, especially after Benny and I got shafted from the NFL playoff pool. benny still asks.

Anyone up for MASTERS?

Congrats again, Jake!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mexico Missions...The Final 4...MSU Riots...Are the Lampi's Okay?

I just got home this afternoon from leading a weekend missions trip in Tijuana with about 30 students from FCS. We had a great time and worked with an amazing local church that the maintenance guy at my school pastors. We put on a big outreach event yesterday in a local village and had about 500 kids and families show up. My students stepped up big time and I was so proud of them. Alas, I missed the Final Four, but caught it on radio and it looks like it's down to Steph and I. KU wins and I take it. KU loses and Steph wins. But more importantly, I got online to see what happened in the world and saw chaos erupting in EL. The Spartys making national coverage again with their inability to resist burning the couches and throwing glass bottles at police. Que paso amigos de EL? Is everyone okay? Any first hand accounts?

Friday, April 04, 2008

Yes We Can, Fort Wayne

Barack came to the Fort today for a town hall meeting. He spoke for 15 minutes about Martin Luther King since its the 40 year anniversary of his assassination, then opened it up for questions from anyone. It was pretty cool, Jeff would've had chills when he said we need to reinvest in our schools and pay our teachers more!! Yes we can Jeff, yes we can.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

an idea

Hey y'all papis, mamis, abuelitos, abuelitas, tios, tias, etc.

So like, Steph and I wanted to see if there are any takers who would periodically post videos of their little ones doing something, maybe a milestone or something funny or out-of-the-ordinary. Bits and pieces of our Gaines-Lampi babies' "development."

So, Steph and I start it off with a little look at Eden's fabulous "color identification." Can anyone guess what color he sees? He says it for everything and it's hilarious!

So here's the post, and now it's up to anyone, whenever you have a free moment to post their own baby's "development project."

And the best part is being able to connect and see 'em miles apart! Feel free to join the project.