Friday, March 31, 2006

Legalize LA

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Ronald Reagan said that "Every immigrant makes America more American.", which I believe to be entirely true. Especially living in a city and working in a company that is comprised greatly of immigrants. However, the Sensenbrenner-King Bill (H.R. 4437) may drastically change the conditions that make our country so free and may strip Americans and Non-americans alike of their pursuit of liberty and justice.

The bill, if passed would would criminalize illegal immigration and even those who aid illegal immigrants.

Some of the provisions:

-Requires up to 700 miles (1100 km) of fence along the US-Mexican border at points with the highest number of immigrant deaths.

-Requires the federal government to take custody of illegal aliens detained by local authorities. This would end the practice of "catch and release", where federal officials sometimes instruct local law enforcement to release detained illegal aliens because resources to prosecute them are not available.

-Mandates employers to verify workers' legal status through electronic means, phased in over several years. Also requires reports to be sent to Congress one and two years after implementation to ensure that it is being used.

-All illegals before deported must pay a fine of $15,000 to the state in which they were apprehended

-All children born to illegal immigrants in the United States will become wards of the state.

-Housing of illegals will be considered a felony and subject to no less than three years in prison.

Even liberal Democrats are dusting off their 'WWJD?' bracelets and citing the Bible to defend 'the other'.

To me, this bill reads very reactionary, unjust, and unprogressive.

I urge you to read more about it. To seek understanding. And to do what feels right to you.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

thank you, weatherman

today is such a nice spring day here in the fort.
the sun is shining bright.
it's seventy degrees outside.
wes even got a good headstart on his farmer's tan when we sat out back for lunch in our ugly 1970's lawn furniture. i'm sure our neighbors love having to look at it all summer (the furniture, not the tan).
i got a quick chance to snap the pups in action--june's listening to the neighbor on the other side of the fence to see if he'll say anything to her, and petey's trying to see if he can eat, lick, or take advantage of the shiny silver camera in my hand. what can we say, he's got a thing for bling.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Show-Me the Gaines-Lampi Posse Tourney Update!

The Show-Me State
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I hope you all have been watching March Madness because there has been many more than, "One Shining Momement" in this year's tourney. I can't remember a year when there's been more down to the wire buzzer beaters and overtimes in game after game. Sarah, did Wes tear up when Gonzaga pulled the biggest joke of the tourney, leaving Adam Morisson weeping at half court. I got misty watching Coach K walk off the court with a red-eyed J.J. Redick.

As far as the Gaines-Lampi Posse pool, it appears that for the second straight year, the spoils will go to someone other than a Gaines or Lampi. I've checked the brackets and congrats go out to David Jinkins (Joel's bro-in-law) who has already mathematically clinched this year's title. With a UCLA win (and I think I told everyone to watch out for the Bruins) Abigail and Joel will tie for second. Props to my wife for bringing home the high score amongst the ladies. So, I guess this was the year of the "Show-Me State". Tough year for the Michigan crew. Besides dad's bracket there was only disappointment. Jeff, what happened? This was definitely not the year of the Spartan? Anyhow, I'm looking forward to a great Final Four weekend. Give me your predictions... is it Big Baby? will Ben Howland finally prove he's one the best in country? the young Gators? or will Cinderella keep on dancing? My pick... U-C-L-A (defensive wins ballgames!)

Friday, March 24, 2006

...and he kicked him...

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This is one of the cutest/funniest internet videos I've seen in a while. Let me know if this works, watch it here:

Thursday, March 23, 2006

blog maintenance

I've been messing with the look of the blog, let me know what you think. Also, Blogger tends to look weird when using Internet Explorer. Try using Firefox (download) instead, it is a way better browser than IE. Also enjoy this joel warhol pic--

(Note: Mom, Dad, Norm, and Debbie, disregard this message, help is coming)

Been a while

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Hey everyone, it's been about 2 months since my last blog. I get the BMUVP (Blogs most un-valuable player) award for the year. Anyway, all is well in the pleasant mountain country. I have a new job in Midland at a church as a worship leader/ working with High Schoolers. The pastor is so nice. Shea and I are very excited. I got to babysit my niece yesterday. The face tells you that she is sweet, but will find her way into manipulating you to get her way at times. Unca gives in a lot. OOOPS. I also got to see caleb this week and that boy has got some game. He's going to be an athlete. jeff, nows the time to get him in some physical training classes and out on the field or court atleast 3 hours a day if you want to have a secure retirement becasue of him. After all as Biggie said, "It's all about the benjamins baby." Beware though, "Mo money, mo problems." I think Solomon said that one or was it David, I could be wrong either way. Shea is doing well in her Counseling courses and is doing great at DU. Mexico was a lot of fun as always. We can't wait to go back. Miss you all. Have a great week

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

one more

Petey has been real cocky ever since we got back from Nashville, because he got to stay in the Philo Farnsworth (television inventor) house. He keeps questioning everything we tell him. Whatever...
Here is one more rough track for you to listen to. Stand Amazed


Well, ever since I abandoned my Finnish roots (and whatever heritage came from my mom) and embraced my BIG FAT GREEK heritage, I have never been the same. Here's to marrying that special greek goddess and her crazy family! Check out this link if you have no idea what's going on and get the second best food on the earth (behind carne asada burritos + other mex grub) this weekend. LINK

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Washington Post article

We read this article in my Controversy in America class today. It's about a group of homosexual college-age students (some Christians, some not) who went on a nation-wide tour of various college campuses (including APU!) to meet students/faculty, etc. and open discussion about their differences/opinions on homosexuality. They coordinated with these Christian campuses, and it seems like everyone gained a lot by opening up to the opportunity to dialogue in a safe/intentional environment.

Regardless of our views on this issue, I thought it was a great read and was encouraging to see Christian campuses doing something other than gay-bashing. Plus, there's a quote from the APU dean of students!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Recording studio ramblings (and a sample)

Just thought you might all like to see what Wes got up to this weekend in Nashville. He and our friend Aaron finished vocals on 7 songs, and they're sounding great so far. here is a sneak peak at a rough mix: Great is the Lord

Ritters or DQ, Which was it?

On this my 55th year of life, I am honored and pleased to have family and friends like I have. Your mom, mother-in-law, aunt and to some friend, investigated which kind of B'day cake to get me. Ritters or DQ. I know that many of you are in the March madness basketball ESPN contest, so I will not set up a "Ritters or DQ Cake" contest to see which one my faithful wife got me. There is only one day a year I can have two slices of this yet to be announced cake - other than sneaking into the kitchen for a second slice when she goes downstairs to get on the computer. Been caught more times than I would like to admit. She has a radar detector to know when I go into the kitchen like you would not believe.

Anyway, DQ won out over Ritters. As long as there is ice cream in the cake, I do not care where it comes from. Thank you all (Joel, I am waiting for your call).

Happy 55th Dad!

Happy 55th Dad!
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If my memory serves me right, you should now be able to hit up the old foggies at Huron Meadows for the Senior Citizen Discount! So there are some benefit to this birthday.

Some of my best early memories of dad are getting my hair combed (parted down the middle)after a bath. Long walks to the pitchers mound to tell a son to stop aiming it. Waking up to WJR cranked up louder than his hair dryer, and knowing I had at least 15 more minutes to sleep. Gathering sticks and using my finger to hold the knot after a chainsaw afternoon. Pushing a shovel alongside dad after the first snowfall, etc. etc. There are just a few that came to mind.

I was in Mexico this weekend at Colina de Luz and was reminded again of dad's vision to all build a house for a Mexican family someday together as a family. It's that kind of heart that I believe he's passed on to his sons, and for that I am very greatful. How about a Gaines-Lampi Mexican homebuilding project with ninos and all by dad's 60th? Anyhow, happy birthday dad. We all love you very much!

Oh Happy Day!!

it is 2:00 AM, after fighting off sleep and almost hitting a coyote, we rolled back into town deliriously, and now realizing what day it has become...we'll be the first to wish our pops a Happy Day!! May all your wildest dreams come true Dad! We love you for your generous heart, godly wisdom, and most of all, for passing your unique sense of humor down to your sons. (Sarah is especially glad for that). Much love from the fort of wayne. Once again we couldn't resist with that picture...another year and still no explanation.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Andy 500

Andy 500, originally uploaded by andrewgaines.

This is a lot of pressure being the 500th blog. It's been a lot of fun blogging and reading everybody else's posts. Here-here for the gaines-lampi blog.
Cheers to another 500 posts!

Friday, March 17, 2006

VP Sends it to OT

Check out this story about our American Apparel basketball team.


Monday, March 13, 2006

J’adore la neige!

Ranch trip, originally uploaded by andrewgaines.

This week-end Louise and I made some mix CD's, packed up her car, and turned our backs from Los Angeles. Our destination: the Sonoma Coast, to meet up with long time pal and Heath Ledger lookalike, Jay Ritchey. Living in the city can be a bit overwhelming and tiring so a week-end like this was very much needed.

We drove up in the night, met Jay in Palo Alto and continued our drive further up north in the morning. The forecast called for rain but the weather was beautiful. We stopped in Sausalito for coffee, we continued to drive, we got a little car sick and stopped, and then continued to drive.

Finally we got to Jay's ranch at about 3:00 on Saturday. It was cool, a little wet from the previous weeks rains, so our plans to mud around in his 4x4 were spoiled. Instead we went on a Jacob'esque hike all around Jay's 1000 + acre ranch. It started to rain, which qickly turned to hail, which quickly turned to snow. The day immediately brightened! By the time we made it back to the house it was snowing big fat Michigan (or Quebec) type snow flakes. Beautiful! We got back to the house, warmed up, made dinner, and watched 'Touching the Void' and called it a night.

The next morning we woke up, went down to the beach, saw a seal, and drove back to Palo Alto. Jay's mom took us out to an amazing Vietnamese dinner. And then it was back to LA for Louise and I. Louise took constant naps and I drove through the night.

Now, back in LA, refreshed. "C’├ętait une fin de semaine palpitante." as Louise would say.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Thanks Jake!!!

Just want to thank Jake for fixing my mistakes with the tourney invitation. You'all should get invites from him. He has set up everything, and now we can play. Gracias Jake and disregard my e-mails/previous blogs. You the man. There's just another reason we call our big papa "J.J" Gaines. I'll forward the invite to the others who don't see our blogspot. So Wes, Jake took care of it. Thanks.



Syracuse is in! Are you?
Hey, guys and girls, we have like 15 peeps or so in our little contest. Tonite the brackets come out. Here are some last Reminders from your helpful bookie:

1. Have you gone to the website on
2. Have you created an account (password/username) to join GAINES-LAMPI POSSE?
3. Have you even checked your e-mail for the invite?
4. Have you reminded your spouse or sign. other?
5. Besides bragging right, does anyone have a cool prize for the winner, 2nd and third????

I have opened it up to some peeps who have connections, so don't be surprised (Like our boy, B daddy who has the strongest sperm in the universe !)

LOVE all around,


P.S. If anyone has trouble, let me know, cause I am not even sure if I did it right. Wes, if the group is not available, can you take over for me and help? Gras

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Here's Sarah's new ride!! Toyota Camry Wagon!!
(Get down girl, go 'head get down)


Thanks for the prompt responses and e-mails; looks like there may be more hype this year than last. Make sure your spouses get the hook up too. You won't get an invite till next Monday, when the brackets come out. My early predicition....This could be the year of the FEMALES...
(JOEL - read my comment in my first post, ok? ) LOL everyone. Caleb sends his love from coast to coast, farm to beach, apple to carne asada, pale to sun burned (brazen) skin, parka to speedo, "hi y'all to "que onda guey".


Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Well, thought we all could take a step back from our schedules and rekindle a little perennial comradery (spelling?). We all have a lot going down; I mean with the new AMAZING news of J & A and their surprise 9 months away!!! Abagial could take a break from her thesis, Jake could may be put the IPOD shuffle down for a moment, Andrew may want to take a reprieve from his A2 invetions, B& B could put their lucrative realstate biz aside of a moment, sarah j could turn her poetry into NCAA verse, wes may want to stop signing autographs for a minute, Shea could pull Steve away from that Baja California photo shoot, my parents could surf the internet for the first time, and Lena could bring Bill back to American soil for a day...etc etc etc. Heres the downlow: SEND ME YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESSES AND I WILL INVITE YOU TO THE NCAA BRACKET BUSTER TOURNEY CHALLENGE. THIS IS AN ALL PLAY, ALL SKATE or SHALL I SAY ALL DANCE! Adios,,gots to teach the masses...

Monday, March 06, 2006

da plane, da plane . . .

it's official. after a pep talk from jake and ab we bought our tickets for may 11-14 . . . see you in l.a.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Click here for special birthday message . . .

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happy happy birthday

I know it's difficult, Becky, but I wanted this photo to remind us of all the hard times we've been through. Like a rock you held us all together, told us not to fall apart.

. . . but seriously, happy birthday, becky! you're a great, funny, lovely sister-in-law and friend. hope you have a fabulous birthday today. wish we could be there with you.

Kickin' Off the B-day Blessings!!!

Seeing that it's now officially Rebecca's birthday in the Eastern Standard Blogging Time Zone, we thought we'd get the birthday blogs a rollin' from the West Coast. Wishing a happy quarter century to a great sister-in-law, program and administrative coordinator, fellow G-dora neighbor, and friend. We are ever blessed by who you are and continue to become. You amaze us with your talent, cleverness, and charm (after were the class clown). Now go rent a car and forget the underage fee! We love you Rebecca!

-Jacob and Abigail

Thursday, March 02, 2006

ONE (Speaking of videos...)

Hey y'all. just got this "ONE" on e-mail. Check it out. WOW.

Hollywood comin through.....Watch what you say, Tom!