Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Just so you all know, because I know he wouldn't admit it, Jacob still keeps his figure by hitting the Gym at 5am, on top of having Grace and 2 jobs. Keep it up! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jake!

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Does anyone remember when El Jefe jumped the gun on Jake's birthday?:

"Before I roll, I gotta give shout out to my boy in G-Dora....HAPPY B-DAY...FELIZ CUMP papa Jake."

Happy Birthday Jake!

I think T-Bone said something like, 'I got more flavors than Baskin Robbins."

Friday, February 23, 2007

a reprieve from the cold

Hey y'all
here are some pics of the fam in Florida. I missed them so MUCH..never again, but what a great time it was when I got down there. Doctor G is such a trooper (and teaching me the art of betting on horses), mama G feedin' me Key Lime pies everyday, and alligators laying outside the veranda. Funtimes I'll be posting more often on Calebshotspot but for now...sorry jake, no pics of tan lines......yet!
Check out EDEN's double rat tail.....I'm game if you are, Wes! Andrew? etc?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Big Game this Saturday

As much as I love my son from the Fort, even though he has remained a Tigers fan, even though he has Maize and Blue going through his veins, I cannot fault him for not being a Lions fan: I just have to say, MSU by 7.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007



I miss watching Erik Smith eating paczkis.

Una Sonrisa Buena y barata

I love this article.

And it reminded me that my tooth is still broken and there's plenty of Dr. Gonzalezs' or Dr. Rodriguezs' who could fix me up for cheap.

(Link to Article)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Parenting- a fabled fairy tale delight of perfect babies sleeping all day long and leaving you with time to do whatever you want.

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Hello all, thought I'd fill you on our recent encounter as parents. Everything is going well. Grey is what we like to call huskie at over 14lbs. He loves the food and seeing he isn't sleeping very well, he makes up for it by eating. Daddy is finding himself taking the late night shifts the past couple days to do some bonding, which can get pretty interesting. I have not perfected the concept of not moving a baby around just after they have eaten. It's almost a 100% chance he spits up on me everytime I hold him. I can't help it though, he is always wanting to move. His new thing is trying to sit up when in his car seat and getting frustrated because he is locked in. Oh yea, he's not sleeping because he has a condition I call permastuff. It is a constant stuffy nose with no relief during the day or night. It totally sucks. So shea and I went and bought 1300 square feet of wood flooring to get all allergenic crud out of the house. we will now change from scented soap to unscented and probably drop some cash for a vent cleaning. It's a good thing he's cute. He's upstairs as I write snorting away in his bed trying to fall asleep. Withiin the next 15 minutes he will cry uncontrolabley, Shea will eventually get him, and then he will want to eat. (Repeat steps one thru three ALL DAY LONG). We have now found the meaning why God says love is not self-seeking. Ladies and gents, for those of us with kids under 3, I will end with this, God bless and on those sleepless nights, know you are not alone. You have a friend in Midland. Grey is cute though. Love ya'll


Friday, February 16, 2007


Its been both interesting and exciting to watch the dramatic shifts that are occurring in the American church today. The term "evangelical" seems to be on its way out the door (article), and along with it some of the theology and ecclesiology that accompanies the label are being abandoned. Those who have left the ways of evangelicalism have often referred to themselves as "post-evangelical". What is post-evangelical? (Post-evangelical article) And here's a great take on the Emerging Movement (Emerging Article). Scot McKnight's blog Jesus Creed also has some great stuff on it. Anyways that's what I've been exploring lately. Any thoughts or observations?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

L.I.F.T Service: Messiah Lutheran Church Feb 07

Hey Everyone,

I traded in the pc and got a MAC straight up no doubt. I told Wes I would blog this video last night. MAKE SURE you scroll down and catch a glimpse of CASH $ and the Fort FOLK in their snow day! AWESOME job WEs and Sarah!

Above is the link to the 9 min. video of last Sunday at Steve and Shea's church. Click on the tab and it will direct you to YOUTUBE. Hope you enjoy it. We had a blast! Everyone should come and visit the Church when in town!

(Sorry, for some reason my username was wrong and I couldn't blog it on site????) Wes, help?



Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

We survived the Blizzard of 2007. Pretty much the whole city was shut down, so here's how we spent our snow day. (Download Video) Miss you all.

Wes, Sarah, Cash

Monday, February 12, 2007

Honest Abe

"Now, he belongs to the ages"

On this Abraham Lincoln's 198th birthday we should remember with gratitude that we would not be living and enjoying this place called the United States of America had he not humbly served as our 16th President. Elected as a self-educated, relatively unknown outsider from Illinois, he was immediately thrust into solving the crisis of the seceding southern states. As a member of the newly formed Republican party, which was widely seen as an abolition movement, Lincoln's life was threatened even before he arrived in Washington. A plot to assassinate the newly elected President was revealed so that Lincoln had to pass through Baltimore in the middle of the night as to elude the conspirators. As president, Lincoln was largely unpopular, and often despised by both Radical and Conservative factions in his own party, as well as Southern sympathizers and Peace Democrats. However, Lincoln wisely guided the country through the bloody years of the Civil War by effectively ending slavery while at the same time preserving the Union, and for this reason he is seen by many as the greatest American President (though probably not Gramie). As I read about his life, I didn't expect the sadness, grief, and admiration for 'Ole Abe' that came with reading the last chapter. We all know how the story ends. (By the way I defer to our new expert on Lincoln's Assassination [wp gaines] and our resident historian [norm] on this subject) But as his Secretary of War Edward Stanton stated after Lincoln drew his last breath, "Now, he belongs to the ages", Lincoln's legacy, which still has a profound impact on our country today, belongs to all of us, and so today take time to honor and remember him. Happy Birthday Abe!!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

A Candle in the Wind..

It seems to me she lived her life, like a candle in the wind..

With a heavy heart we mourn the loss of a friend. Anna Nicole, we will remember, we will miss you and always know you were close to our family.

let us all mourn the loss and dedicate this day to Anna!

Rest in Peace Sweet Anna.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Anyone watch US take down Mexico 2-0? I was flipping channels, saw the game on, and was hooked faster than Dad on an airplane movie. Anyways, the rivalry is heating up. After USAs 2nd goal the Mexico goalkeeper took a stab at a US player coming in to celebrate, and after the final whistle Mexico again refused to shake hands with the US players. It might just be a surge of patriotism but I'm getting tired of the "sore loser" antics of the Mexican team. U S A!

On another soccer note, any Beckham sightings out west? I just might be a star gazer this year and check him out when they play at Chicago, and I know one other star gazer livin' in East Lansing who'll be in.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bears Down!

Turns out defense wins ballgames...the Colts defense that is! As for the Bears... they pulled a Teddy Ginn and saved their best play for first, and then unfortunately had to put the ball in the hands of bad, well, "terrible rex", and that unstoppable Bears defense just looked weak and tired as Colts ran it right up the middle time after time. Yes that is a nasty mullet hanging out of my Colts hat, and the Dallas Clark Jersey courtesy of Sarah's Dad (and the Wide Screen HD, WOW again). Parade time!!!!!! Go Colts!!!!!!!!!


Hello from the Lampi's

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Hope all is well with all of you. Greyson can't wait to meet you Cash and Gracie.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Gaines' Invade the SoCal Rugby Scene

On this hot and sunny Saturday afternoon, the Gaines' crew crammed in the Pontiac and headed west to catch our first rugby match starring #14, Andrew Gaines, back in the familiar orange and black of years gone by. I wish I could say we saw the LA Rebellion came out on top, but alas that was not the case as they sadly met defeat at the hands of the team from Pasadena. We all got familiar with the game of rugby, which was quite fascinating to watch in person. Andrew played well on the left wing and after the match we all met Assistant Coach Will, who was intrigued by the amount of mud Andrew's jersey had collected, and said, "That was one helluva game Andrew!" Below are some pixs of the game and aftermath. Anyone visiting SoCal should take in a match, as the LA Rebellion embody what right in the world of rubgy. Way to go Drew....keep defending that left flank!
After a nice tackle Andrew takes a spill off the pile

Andrew makes a diving attempt at a Pasadena forward

Andrew with what was called the largest cheering section of the day

Thursday, February 01, 2007


March Madness is on its way!! Anyone watch the Hoosiers take down the #2 Badgers and snap that 17 game Bo Ryan winning streak? The Kelvin Sampson era is here and hoosiers are loving it, he's quickly gaining Knight-like status, 12-0 at home. All I gotta say is February 24 we're heading to the Izzone (Jeff Click here), round up your boys Sparty, its gonna be a fight.