Saturday, April 30, 2005


Well, let's just say I had NO idea. A normal Friday...get home from work, Ben Brus and the fam come over to chill and have dinner. Benny and I go out for a some java beforehand, talk about the lastets stocks rising and falling, pick up some feta cheese for the salad the girls are making at home, pull in to driveway, come in and WHAM! Brad, Meg, Josiah, Ben, Jaime, Cole, NORM, DEB, STEVE, SHEA, and WES AND SARA pop -out...SURPRISE! NO let me explain how awesome my wife is! We got out Wednesaday for B-day dinner, Thursday (the big day) I come home, we go for b-day run together, she goes out with girls for evening as I chill ( I mean chase) c-unit. Friday, post b-day hang-over, not really...just know that Benny and I are gonna get sum QT after school. Steph DOWNPLAYS everything! I had no idea for 2 weeks she was puting this most special birthday celebration (pizza, pop, candy, fun Maltby dances #1) for me. I have to say THANKS to everyone. I admit, not too big on birthdays, but she nailed it! Having those people over made my year. Thank you Steph; you know me more than anyone. That was one of the most rememorable times of my life. You got me good. Thanks y'all for coming; I love you so much (and those far away...dido). Nothing more important in this world are the people that INVEST in my life. That was amazing, definitely worth a blog.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday encouragements

here we are again. Beautiful day in Mt. P. Let's roll:

Jeff: Birthday boy's gotta be first. Best brother I could have ever gotten. Your personality is truly unlike any other. I'm glad it's you. Just being around you brings joy.
Steph: Refer to Jeff's comment and susbstitute "sister" for "brother." Will not compromise the Truth with unsound doctrine. Da bomb mom.
Calebito: Your genetics are solid. Your dad is tall and your mom is athletic. Let's work with it bud! Kelme Master Whites are calling you. Te Amo.
Ben: I don't have to talk to you for months on end and you never change. Solid as a rock and the nicest guy I've ever been around. Wise.
Becky: You desire to be what a woman of Christ should be like. Loving others and considering others before yourself.
Jacob: Never ashamed of the gospel. Leader. The one brother God used for all others to look up to. Talk about a responsibilty. You did quite the job.
Abs: Not afraid to speak the truth and bring things into the light. We needed you in this family and God yet again proved Himself faithful.
Wes: 1 thessalonians 4:11 and 12 will always remind me of you. Powerfully Simple.
Sara: All about others, justice will prevail. Micah 6:8 you probably already know it.
Andrew: I miss you a ton, I wish you had a cell phone. I might just give you a call. Your heart for the poor reflects Jesus. I'm lovin the justice that's flowin through the family and much of it is from your heart.
Bill: You've entrusted God with your family and look how good He is. Your faith is in Him alone.
Lena: Mercy, kindness. God hears your prayers.
Dad Lampi: You know how to enjoy life like not many can. You were and are the best dad Jeff and I could've had.
Mom Lampi: Stands on the truth. Seeking more of God and His plan. Read John 14:21
Shea: My wife. A leader for many women. The word of God is set in your heart in a special way. You will not tolerate a twisting of scripture or a gospel preached how people want to hear it but how people need to hear it, in all it's truth. I'm a lucky dude.

Alright that's all for now. have a great weekend ya'll. Peace from the pleasant mounatin.

Post Birthday comments on an "Encouragement Friday"

MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS for all the b-day blessings around "America" (in GW's twang)
Steph, Caleb and I went to "Cancun's" which is the first "authentic" baja mex grub I've tasted in Michigan, yet! Bill, Leen, Wes, Sara, Steve, Shea , whoever else who has withdrawals like myeself....we gots to hit that place next time you're up in EL. We're building a deck!!!! (a SAFE one this time) for our birthdays this year. Pretty stoked about it. Starting today and finsihing before C-units first b-day....which hopefully I'll see y'all there, right? (understand West coast'll be in our every sum pics afterwards.) Anyways, after Steve-o's initiative for affirmation on Friday's, I've set aside some QT during my prep hour to speak to y'all... Why I love you...

Wes: sum confusion in the term "closet"....let's see..we didn't get into the "Tangle" label for nothing. Wes, you are my closet friend....CLOSEST too! No other relationship just comes naturally, w-out work, no drama, genuine brotherhood. Miles apart, yet everytime we talk or see each other...back to square one. An eternal, never-changing friendship.

...gosh!!! to be continued...bell just rang....i'll chime in later...ahhhhhhhh

Time stands still?

Originally uploaded by wes gaines.
Exciting news in Hoosier-land, yesterday the daylight savings time bill passed for the first time ever, rocking the Hoosier's conventional understanding of time and forcing us to set our clocks ahead and then back starting next year. This one was heated though, "Its been emotional on both sides of the aisle. It's a tough place. It's an emotional place" said one lawmaker. Another of our finest says, "The rest of the world knows that Indiana doesn't get it, but this is a historic moment." So stop laughing Indonesia, Japan, France and England, WE GET IT NOW. And to to the rest of America, we're on your side now.
Next stop is figuring out what time zone we want to be in. The times they are a changing! Have a great weekend. wg

Thursday, April 28, 2005

another poem and a rare entry from andrew

There are so many positions of love: Each curve on a branch, The thousand different ways Your eyes can embrace us, The infinite shapes your mind can draw, The Spring orchestra of scents, The currents of light combusting like passionate lips, The revolution of existence's skirt whose fold contain other worlds, Your every sigh that falls against his inconceivable omnipresent body.

She's On the Air!

Unbeknownst to many of us, Abigail went global this afternoon making a guest appearance on 104.7 KAPU that could be heard worldwide via the web, or locally on your radio dial. She knew about this since Monday and failed to tell any of us including myself until 15 minutes before she went on! She was interviewed in regards to her work at the Homework House and the difference that the HH is making in the community. With the eloquence and candor of a seasoned vet, she gave a great interview and I listened with pride from my classroom. Rumor has it that the program manager is giving her a CD of the segment. Perhaps copies in each of your graduation party favor bags? Cheers!

a poem or two for jeff's birthday

poet and i know it.
Originally uploaded by sarahjgaines.

another candle
the cake is getting brighter
almost to thirty

(just kidding, chill)

(perhaps one of those letter poems)

Eminem-like rapper

Loud (me too)
Antonio when he has long hair
Prayer warrior
Instictively stylish

feliz cumpleanos, jefe!

27 Heaven

guess who?
Originally uploaded by wes gaines.
Happy 27 Jeffery, can anyone guess who the mystery picture is? A blast from the past, here's a hint, he's an end times warrior, and his sermons brought Jeff to his knees. Anyways, Jeff your raw passion for life, God, your family, and just about everything is amazing, you remain my closest friend (besides Wu). Have a great day...I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean...and if you get the chance to sit out or dance...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Look how God changes things

Horatio Spafford wrote a song after his four daughters died in a shipping accident 1n 1873. Here are the words:

When peace like a river, attendeth my way
when sorrows like sea billows roll
whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say
It is well with my soul, it is well with my soul

It is well, with my soul
It is well, with my soul
it is well, it is well, with my soul

My sin, oh, the bliss of this glorious thought
my sin, not in part but whole
was nailed to the cross and I bear it no more
praise the Lord, praise the Lord, oh my soul

And Lord, haste the day when my faith
shall be sight
the clouds be rolled back as a scroll
The trump shall resound and the Lord
shall descend
even so, it is well with my soul

It is now one of the most sung hymns in the church even today. Only God could do something like that. Pretty sweet. Adios

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Still Here

Just want to let everyone know that I'm alive. I've just been very busy the past few weeks. Pray for me, tomorrow I start interviewing candidates for the openings at the Homework House... Always a little stressful!

One neat story... For the past several months I've been praying for my neighbor, Lynette, and her boyfriend, Alfredo (like the sauce). Just a few weeks ago another Christian neighbor and I prayed specifically that Jacob and I would have an opportunity to sit down with them and share our faith. A few days after that Alfredo came knocking on my door to tell me that he and Lynette are getting married, Lynette's two months pregnant, and they would like Jacob to officiate the wedding (wow). So, last Friday night Jacob and I sat down with them in our living room until one o'clock in the morning and shared about the freedom we've found in Christ, and the basics of Christianity (Both of them grew up very nominal Catholic). My husb did a beautiful job presenting his views about conducting a Christian marriage vs. just performing a wedding. They asked lots of questions. Alfredo was more skeptical than Lynette (he's a tough guy; S.D.P.D.). Afterwards we put the ball in their court. Jacob told them that if they would be open to seeking out a Christian marriage, be willing to pursue faith in Christ, and to meet with him a handful of times before the wedding then he would be more than happy to conduct the ceremony. We left it at that. Yesterday, Lynette asked us for the directions to our church so that they could come on Sunday and told us they would like to get together to talk more! Hopefully we won't have a "Jimmy Lester" Sunday! God's at work! Just a reminder to keep praying for your neighbors!
I'm looking forward to the graduation... We're going to Party Hardy!
Love you all!

Passion cd/dvd out

Hey yall, it's here. The conference Shea and I went to this winter is now out on cd/dvd. All the favorites do some prety sweet new songs. As always Crowder kicks it with some funky stuff "here is our king" is pretty cool. Redman brings some hughes and some of his own new stuff too. Charlie Hall lights it up with " Marvelous Light" check it out and if yuou go the cash let it flow. go to and get it. The dvd has songs and message and behind the scenes look. Adios.


Sunday, April 24, 2005

Welcome Home Ava!!!!

Originally uploaded by apuhombre.
Last Night we had the amazing opportunity to meet our new neice, Ava. She and her mom and dad (Mike and Kristin) arrived in Seattle after the 26 hour trip from Ethiopia. This is where they adopted the most precious, adorable Ava! She is soooooooo cute and rather well behaved. More updates, soon to come.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Tips from the world's worst folder

I don't know if you know this, but I am an awful folder of clothes. I cannot fold shirts no matter how slow and careful I am. I usually don't even fold wes's clothes because he likes his transformed into these little one-inch squares. Today I was looking on the ReadyMade web-site--this cool magazine that does do-it-yourself projects out of things like milk jugs and shipping flats--and i found this amazing japanese shirt folding video. Check it out!

Friday, April 22, 2005

No grave matter

He lived for others
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He lived for others, and now I must do the same.

more than words

when silence falls
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"He lived for others" such a simple statement; and yet words are powerless to capture this moment. Was it respect? Yes. Was it sorrow? You better believe it. Was it gratitude? Oh yeah. And now, every bite...(crunch) is Thank You.

R.I.P. Johnny Appleseed, you lived for others.

The L.A. Skyline

Union Rescue Mission Roof
Originally uploaded by jacobgaines.
I got this pic sent to me from one of my URM buddies. This is the view from the roof on Skid Row. You look over that wall down to the streets and see depravity and chaos. Just down the street from such wealth and power in the background. Much love from the City of Angels!

Friday Morning encouragements

In order to keep with the times on blogger I am going to start an article called "Friday encouragements". Here we go:
Sarah, You are sweet at ryhming and stuff.
Wes, You can sing better than anyone in the world and look a little like Tom Cruise
Ben, You can speak a fluent tongue of spanish like no one and mexican kids love you
Becky, You have the capability to be better than yor husband at any sport except football americano.
Jacob, You've been to Israel. That's cool!
Abigail, You met Jacob in Israel. That's even cooler!
Jeff, You are a dad. Still a little shocking, but defintely cool!
Steph, refer to Becky's comment and take out "have the capability to be" and put "are" in.
Caleb, What can I say, but one tough cookie.
Andrew, best boss I have ever had. Can I use you for a reference again?
Lena, You can handle Bill like no other could.
Bill, You are lucky to have Lena.
Norm, Best Supporting actor award 2004 for Guys and Dolls
Debbie, the best proofreader in the world of suppport letters. Thanks for the corrections.
Shea, No one in the world loves me as much as you do. You + Me= chemistry. Te amo!

that's all for now. Peathe out (Kip)

harley, you have a nice mullet and look like a hyena.
june, Jack (the Long's dog) would like to meet you very much so.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker
Originally uploaded by wes gaines.
There has been alot of bragging out of the 260 lately but this one is well deserved. Congratulations to Sarah who was awarded the Outstanding English Major award last night. She was nominated by her professors as the most distinguished student in her major, which is quite an honor, but check this out: Last night at the award ceremony as she was standing on the podium to receive her reward (in front of hundreds of people), the chairman of her department while introducing her says, "I'd like to read one of Sarah's poems to you." I'm in the audience sitting next to the chairman's wife, she gives me a surprised look and says, "He has never read a student's work before at this banquet." The audience is quiet as Dr. Ramsey reads the title to Sarah's poem "Ode to Water" a poem written in the style of the great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. He reads this beautifully written poem written about water, which I am trying to secure the rights to put on the blog, and as he finishes the audience breaks out into applause. After the crowd is quited, Dr. Ramsey says "Can you feel the rain coming?" and no lie! as soon as he says this a peel of thunder is heard and it starts to downpour on the roof above! The audience breaks out into applause again and the chairman's wife looks at me like I married some kind of prophetic genius and says "Your wife is powerful!" Again no lie! I think it is a prophetic statement that Sarah through her writing and ideas can bring rains of refreshment even in Fort Wayne! Three cheers to Sarah the Rainmaker, from her proud husband.

Life in the 626 (Big brown messy house)

in the spirit of updates I thought I'd offer an update on what's been happening in my life.
I'm starting to feel the nostalgia. Walking around campus, 7 palms, veggie burger from take 5, it's all beginning to set it. In two weeks I will be finished with APU and I am ready to leave this place. I love it here, but all things must end and I feel this is ending in fine fashion. I've been working hard on my senior thesis. I'm writing about the affects of globalization in different arenas. I'll post it when I'm finished for all who care to read.

I've also been trying new things like going to bed early and waking up early. I started working on a film, the first I've made since the Window Washer. This production is about Los Angeles, and more specifically community development in LA. IT's tough, but I think I'll be done in a few weeks. Perhaps for a screening when ya'll are out here.
I've been making smoothies, eating homeade soups, running, and biking. All in an effort to take better care of mi body. I didn't watch the Masters.
I'm planning to go to Japan for a month or two this summer. I'm going to go see some friends in Tokyo, Mika in Nigatta, and to work on a farm elsewhere. Check out Sweet!
The Late Greats season came to an end but I still get cheers around camps. Some body called me Jimmy Chitwood for nailing 4 threes in the final game. Where were you B&B (MIchigan).
After Japan, Los Angeles. I think I'll be here for a while. It takes a very specific person to be called to dowtown LA and I feel like I fit the description. LA is a city where beauty has to be searched out and found. LA is a city with a definite edge and I think whoever named Los Angeles should have been more specific. (I'm not sure quite what I mean by that). But I love it here and I see myself here for a while writing a verse or two in this song.
Gearing up for a repeat title. Applying sunscreen on these sunny days and studying Japanese. I must be off. I look forward to seeing many of you soon. And all my love to the Lampi's.

Life in the 626 (Ghetto)

As a follow-up to Jacob's newest edition of "Life in the 626" here is whats going on in the 626 Ghetto (Azusa).

- Today Becky and I are departing to Seattle where, on Saturday, we will welcome home the newest edition to the family, Ava...from Ethiopia. She will be arriving Saturday evening...please pray that the journey back to the states will be easy on Mike, Kristin and Ava.

- Becky and I have committed to working in Mexico this summer for a total of 4 weeks, 1 with John Rose and 3 with Jim Drake.

- Becky is doing an excellent job at GHS, according to many teachers, she is a very brave person and is doing a job that many refused to take.
-Looks like I will receive tenure next year...(only in California..2 years and your safe!)
Thats all for now, have a great day! Ben

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Life in the 626

I've realized of late that neither Abigail nor I have blogged any updates on a few of life's happendings in the 626. With the untimely end of the Late Greats season, we've been hard pressed for late night entertainment. Alas, here's the quick scoop...
  • Currently are planning Andrew's graduation weekend bash. The moonwalk is on order!
  • Enjoyed killer BBQ with B & B where Abs went Jamie Oliver all over some chicken and grilled veggies.
  • Just got back from Glendora Animal Control. Harley's good and licensed until June 2006. Also picked up valuable tidbits from officer on mountain lion encounters. Don't run!
  • Received the Presdient's Volunteer Service Award yesterday with 4 students down at the Union Rescue Mission. Largest mission in U.S. Thanks George!
  • CVCC pulls off 2 consecutive weeks with 2 services. Second service remains full. The "Sex in the City Series" has come to a close though!
  • Disappointed with the LA Sparks selections in the WNBA draft last Saturday. I really thought they could've used Lisa Owens who was available late in the 2nd round. (ha, ha)
  • Wondering if Wes teared up when Tiger dropped that miracle on the 16th hole at Augusta?
  • Abigail continues to work wonders on 9th street and would also never tell you but received a promotion (new title) and raise from the HH board.
  • Reading excellent book for all who work with adolescents called Hurt by Fuller professor Chap Clark (great guy, tough class).
  • Just finished Season Three of 24. Watched 8 episodes to finish on Saturday night. Man that Jack Bauer needs a good shrink! And he never uses the bathroom!!
  • Enjoying a mild spring, an amazing wife, brothers who still like to hang and have fun, a neutered dog, a job that pays me for my passion, trees in full color, taxes being fully paid, and lunches on Wednesday's at Plaza Produce (with that amazing wife!)

Blogger Drought??...Try these to test your Logic...

1. Cathy has six pairs of black gloves and six pairs of brown gloves in her drawer. In complete darkness, how many gloves must she take from the drawer in order to be sure to get a pair that match? Think carefully!!

2. Mom, Dad, and 2 kids have come to a river, and they find a boat. It is small and can only carry one adult or 2 kids at a time. Both kids are good rowers, but how can the whole family reach the other side of the river?

3. Why can't you take a picture of a Indian woman with hair curlers?

4. What is the largest possible number you can write using only 2 digits - just 2 digits, nothing else?

5. Before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the tallest mountain in the world?

6. Why are 1898 silver dollars worth more than 1897 silver dollars?

Monday, April 18, 2005

A must read..

Wow, you guys, this interview from America Magazine is so interesting. It's from May of 2000.

Not to brag or anything, but....

Wes would never tell you this on his own, but he just had his one-year review and mr. environmentalist got a raise! All right, Wes!

Thursday, April 14, 2005


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and Wes's job gets a little weirder! for those of you who have ever wondered what the heck I do, here's a little something. I am now a certified and licensed asbestos building inspector, basically meaning that when I'm in a building I can tell you which building materials would probably contain asbestos and then I'll tell you what to do about it. But make no mistake, I think the look on my face will tell you that this inspector means buisness!

Then and Now

Then and Now
Originally uploaded by sarahjgaines.
Okay, one more because I thought this was interesting.

Most of you are going....why in the world is sarah talking about patricia hearst...just ask Bill....he knows all about it!

a bunch of young idealists who thought they could change the world

Originally uploaded by sarahjgaines.
for the two-thirds of the gaines's who were in the fort last weekend, i got the semi-scoop on patricia hearst. to this day she claims she was kidnapped in order for the SLA to have an excuse to wage "war" on america. she claims she was brainwashed, and has testified in cases against SLA even in recent years. In 2001 President Clinton pardoned the sentence she had served in prison in the last hours before Bush took office.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Originally uploaded by lenajog.
Dad is a stud!

She's back....

For those of you who don't know, this week is National Library Week in the u.s. Not to toot my own horn, but I thought I'd attach this great (and very well-written) editorial piece from on of our newspapers--The News Sentinal.

Saturday evening as Ben, Becky, Bill, Lena, Wes, Junie and I soundly slept we were awoken by a loud, bomb-like sound....and then another that shook our windows and sent the street's car alarms on hiatus. It was a house on fire. Scroll down to see the one-paragraph brief on the fire (for those of you who were present and want to know what happened). That's all they know for now, i guess.

That's all for now, signing out.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Afterwards...a Beatle "Yo hunny, you're gonna give me sum of dat product!" Posted by Hello
Before...shaggy  Posted by Hello
In bereavement of Harley's nugs removal, Caleb had his mullet trimmed and styled at Douglas J Day Spa and Salon. Only the best for this little man. The one thing is that C-unit's hair will grow back....Harley's berries are gone forever. Feel free to wear shorts around the pooch (Jake and Abby have relayed to all of us)...Get well soon Harley...Love Caleb xo  Posted by Hello

Cinderella Runs Out of Gas on the Way to the Dance

I regret that the following article didn't get to press yesterday...please accept my apologies!

Last night while most of my readers were tucked away in their warm beds, and some were even boarding a late night flight, I had the honor to watch a battle of epic proportions taking place at the Felix Event Center on the west campus of Azusa Pacific University. You see, the playoffs began last night. The Big Dance intramural style. The invites went out and the Late Greats (never a bubble team), got an 11 seed, which paired them up with the 2 seed that boasted two former collegiate players. This was David vs. Goliath. Pinckney vs. Brighton. Chilson Hills vs. BCC. The Late Greats came clad in their usually blue tatters picked by Vegas to be a whopping 17 point underdog.

The fans had once again turned out in droves to support this underdog. I had to push and shove and squeeze to get my usual baseline seat amidst a capacity, standing room only crowd. The game began a little rough. The Late Greats fell behind by 10 early in the first half getting taking punch after punch from what appeared to be an opponent thirsty for an easy knockout. However, Gaines decided to pick the team off the mat midway through the half burying 2 consecutive trey knifing into the lead and cutting it to four. Physically exhausted, but refusing to relent, Gaines then said, "Fellas get on my back and watch me carry you to the Promise Land," as he got an off balance running jumper to fall brining them back to within 2 by halftime.

The Boyz in Blue were visibly exhausted at halftime. Gaines stopped by my seat and told me as much not knowing how they were going to hang in the second half. They did more than hang in the first 5 minutes. The Late Greats came out firing in the second half grabbing their first lead in the opening minute. Gaines continued his clutch shooting knocking down another trey and pushing the lead to as much as 4 with about 12 minutes to go in the game. Unfortunately, that was when the gas ran out. Running on fumes, costly turnovers cost the fellas the lead and when the shots stopped falling, so did their hopes for a stellar comeback. A few dunks later they were down by 10, a margin they would not be able to overcome.

Alas, the game ended and so did a remarkable season. But get this, you'd think the fans might have been pulling a "Bill Gaines" and heading for an early exit to get out of the parking lot. Not on this night. They stayed and they cheered and and they chanted and they even formed a tunnel of love for the guys as they came off the court holding their heads high knowing that they'd proven that they belonged at this dance. Cinderella had run out of gas, but not out of class. This team will be remembered for years to come, not because of their highflying antics and bigger than life aurora. But, they will be remembered because they brought hope and inspiration for their fans and foes alike. They were the embodiment of what's right in college sports today. They were fearless and selfless. I think they have something to teach us all!

Special thanks to the Late Greats for reminding this sports columnist why he got into this job in the first place. Will there be a sequel?

Classic worship moment at His House

A good friend of mine is beginning the process of leading worship. Mark was to play one song last night for fellowship and I told him that it was during the second set, third song. He gets very nervous when he knows he is going to sing and play. I always tell him not to worry about those people in the congregation; they will follow you wherever you go. Well, Mark went………….a little too soon. As I was praying for communion, Mark started strumming the intro to his song. I thoughtto myself as I was praying, “Hopefully Mark doesn’t keep playing after I am done praying here.” Sweating profusely, Mark totally forgot we were done with the first set of songs and now moving into communion. As my friend Jeff came up to give the offering message, Mark kept playing the intro to his song. I looked at Jeff and he was chuckling. As three hundred people were wondering whether to get ready to sing or sit, I made a split decision. Jeff was on the stage right next to me ready to speak, Mark was more than ready to sing. Do I leave Jeff hanging and let the song go. I chose not to. As Mark was about to dive into the song I said, “Mark, not yet.” He looked at me and stopped playing. As the guitar slowing stopped making noise, Jeff started laughing, obviously because of the awkward silence about to follow. I looked at Mark. “Deer in headlights” is the phrase that comes to mind. As Mark turned to me, I saw a scared little child within him and then he said, “Ooops!” He started to laugh too. Then the congregation gave a little laugh. Jeff delivered the offering message with great ease and everything turned out alright. I later told Mark that I’ve done worse than that, and sometimes you just got to laugh. He did a great job the 2nd session of worship and nailed his song……………………… sweating profusely.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

In Michigan

Just off the red eye flight to good ole Detroit, Becky and I arrived on time this morning and were quickly directed to door # 5 where the black magnum was awaiting our arrival. So here we are, red eyes and all, begining our SPRING BREAK 05. Look forward to seeing Pam, hope the ankle is better, the many awkward conversations at BCC and the livingston kids.

Harley sighting

Harley sighting
Originally uploaded by stevelamps.
Walking along on a brisk afternoon stroll, I heard footsteps. Through the brush I caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a massive mullet. John Rose, no, it couldn't be. I approached this thing closer and when in sight I saw it to be Harley. Jacob and abigail's outwardly challenged new pup. She or He (not sure)seemed to want to eat me more than jump up and play. I moved quickly back and it turned to. I snapped a picture before he/she was out of sight. I was confused as to what I ran into was it harley, or was it something else. With further review I came to the conclusion that this animal I saw a hyena. Not to be mistaken for the cute pup. What a resemblance though, huh? Harley you are adorable.

Love steve


Originally uploaded by stevelamps.
Alright, look at this thing God made. It's called the eagle nebula. Pretty cool huh. The hubble is da bomb. God is Hugenormous.

See ya soon ben and becky

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Oh I forgot...Caleb's first time in the sun. Like Father like Son. Toma el sol! We've been on the run, drivin' in the sun, looking out for number 1, California here we come, right back where we started from....from OC soundtrack Posted by Hello
Just thinkin' of Bill Gaines....This is where my retired Uncle Bob takes his cat naps...felt a fresh wind on John Wimber in the yorba linda air... Posted by Hello
The Lord said you gots to rise up! First crawl....At tio Bob's crib in Yorba Linda. Go C-unit! Posted by Hello
Jake and Abby always finding ways to build treasures...SO far they are in the lead...but close behind all depending on how successful Sarah jane and Wes Gaines' sweatshop free clothing line is...Stay tuned. Posted by Hello
The American Dream. Glendora, CA. This land is your land, this land is my land... Posted by Hello


Hi, I'm Caleb.
Last week my family and I went to California.
I slept through the night for the first time ever! (3 days straight)
I began to sort of say words like dog, dad, hi, ball, and some awful teradactile screech???
I had my first kids meal...AT RUBIOS! (quesadilla, soft drink, toy car, churro)
I finally had a week of breathing easy...ahhh the marine air
I hate grass (ask the West Coast Gang) and at Manhattan Beach my mommy and daddy put my feet in sand and......what do you think????
All these milestones ironically, like a new bud blossoming, began where????
Ask my daddy.

P.S. My trio pics coming soon.

Remebering the moment

My love for Andrew runs deep, but not quite as deep as the picture below may represent. I'm not ashamed to greet a brother with a nuzzle or kiss, it's biblical right? We've been know to cuddle with the best of them afterall. Call it a gift or a curse, this time it turned out to be the latter. Much love from Mt. P.

the lovebirds

the lovebirds
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So, I found the CD that Jeff and Steph sent us with wedding photos on it, and i found this little ditty. Might i mention that this is the second photo found from our wedding where steve and andrew have something going on. The other is the one where steve looks like andrew's ventriliquist puppet. Steve's nose is definitely nuzzling Anj.

Andrew, you look like you're saying, "i'm Andy!"

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Go Late Greats!

So the Late Greats are in action again on Wednesday night at 9:15 on West Campus.
This is the first round of the playoffs and we play a team with two former APU basketball players.
We're the 11th seed out of 12 in a single elimination tournament. Did some body say Cindarella?
Be there West Coast gang, we're going to need your cheers.
Yes yes,
Andrew #61

Prayer for Dennis Kanamen

Dennis had a mild heart attack and was hopitalize on Sunday. He required a quadruple by-pass heart surgery. He just came out of surgery and it was successful. Please put his family in your prayers.

Monday, April 04, 2005
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Looking forward to a beautiful ride down the river, a blizzard came and scared us away. What else could I say, but I'm a rhymer today. No rafting in West Virginia, hey. A little too cold for Shea. A blizzard with gust of wind that made tall oaks sway. And off went the Lampi party away.

Special thanks to Al Silverstein for His great poems I grew up with. I think his name was Al, not sure, but I'm 50% sure His last name is silverstien.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Fun Times

Group 1.btp
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A Day in the Park

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On Saturday, The Gaines family west coast edition took a family trip to the park. Joshua Tree National Park. We loaded up and took off on a day adventure to the beautiful views and gigantic rocks that served as a playground for us kids. Fun was surely had by all as we explored up and down rocks, took Andrew's senior pictures and saw the unusually beautiful colors of the mojave desert. (due to the rain) The only thing missing in this picture was that "softy" midwest edition. More pictures to come.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Shout out to my wifey!

Sarah Jane Original
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I wanted to share this with all of y'all, this is the shirt that Sarah designed. It is printed on sweatshop free, organic cotton t-shirts. I thought she did an awesome job and I loved her idea of printing a shirt with the simple message of how much God loves us, to encourage us to start making simple decisions that show God's love for justice and mercy to the world. Way to go Sarah! If you would like a Sarah Jane original shoot us an email or llamanos pot telefono! Dios le bendiga.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Business by day, but...

Beaver Paddle
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The H-Bomb

sweet face
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Mama's Little Boy!

Hey Mister, Got Time for a Hug???

What it's all about!
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From the youngest to the oldest, their fans are always adoring and stayed till the end!

And 1 Punk!

And 1 Punk!
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Andrew got matched up with this guy in the zone. As you can tell, in the next frame he send this guy flying!

Just a Little Too "Short"

No if's an's or butts
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Call them a blast from the past. Call them a style gone bad. Call them what I was once forced to wear in a BCC Christmas pageant. But on this night, call them an omen, perhaps even a metaphor for the way the Boyz in Blue (aka The Late Greats) played against the raging roids that were their opponent on this night. The shorts were not the only things that came up a tad too short and sent their star crazed fans home a little blue. In the end, the overmatched, over-muscled fellas could not seem to get the clutch baskets to fall when they needed them most.

I knew it was going to be a little rough and tumble when during warm-ups I was taken back to the days of the Bad Boys when "€œThe Final Countdown" began reverberating through the gym. This was just a foreshadow of what would be needed on this night. Where were you Rick Mahorn? We could'€™ve used a little Vinnie Johnson to heat things up. The fellas started on fire canning a couple of opening treys that electrified the crowd. All 4 West Coast Gaines'€™ sat baseline right and watched Andrew orchestrated the team to an early 8-2 lead. Would this be another classic early romp? As Andrew went for a steal on the next possession, he got clipped by one of the Balco boys from the other side and went down hard on his elbow and hip. Try as he may to shake it off, he did the right thing and subbed out. In came Refugio, and out went the momentum. In came a point guard who had never met a three pointer he didn€'™t like (incidentally he ended up about 0-8 from the field) and out went the lead which they would never get back.

Though down by 8 at halftime, they made some adjustments and packed the zone in to try and make the meat shoot the three. This seemed to work to their advantage, cutting into the lead. The opponent regained the lead after complaining their way to some cheap fouls and opened up a 12 point lead with about 5 minutes to play. Give up? Not these guys. They dug even deeper and began getting scrappy and causing turnovers. They cut the lead to 8, then down to 5 with a clutch three point play. With about 2 minutes to go another steal and pass to Andrew slashing downcourt who went up and cut the lead to 3 causing the capacity crowd to go into a near frenzy.

But that'€™s as close as they would get. Some suspect officiating. And then, the seemingly unexplainable reinsertion of Refugio into the lineup during crunch time. With a few more costly 3-point airballs all the air right out of the blue sails. But there'€™s a fresh wind a comin'€™. Playoffs are just around the corner and so tonight was a learning experience. After the game, a worn and torn A-Gaines gave these comments (I think), "Tonight we learned that nothing's gonna be given to us. We're alright though. Our intensity was good. Our focus was there. I don't know what to say. No excuses thought...but did you see the size of that guy's guns? He was just like that bottle of Cheese Whiz. He wouldn't budge!"

They were out muscled? Sure. They were out classed? Never. Not tonight. Not any night. This night they were just a little short. That's all. In more ways than one!

Special thanks to AP photographer Ben Gaines for his photo contributions. Other photos can be viewed above!