Thursday, July 31, 2008


Roger says "Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonite!"


FELIZ CUMPLEANOS to MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Wes, we've been through a lot together, seen a lot (oh yeah), and well, quite frankly, you've been there all the way! As hallmark as that sounds, here comes this...I love you for not who you are, but what I am when I am with you. YEEEEAAAHHHH!

Have a great day and welcome to the "new 20s!"

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mexico 2008!

Hey all if you want to see what happened this summer in Mexico, check out the Rose blogspot. Here's the link. Copy and paste. (Is Benny tickling John in this photo?)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

and the moment we've all been waiting for...

Well, after long deliberation (much longer than NCAA pairing), myself, this year's GL golf commissioner, is revealing the pairings for our much anticipated scramble on Wednesday morning, August 13th. I have chosen this day, due to the fact Steve, Grey and Shea, I believe aren't arriving until Tuesday evening. With that said, those early birds are welcomed to venture out for a practice round beforehand or go across the street from our places to the driving range ... although I think it's everyone's wish to spend as much time together as whole families, rather than some golfing and some staying with the ninos.

So after some trash talk, name calling and manipulation, here are the rankings:

1. Jacob "Ace" Gaines -- he became #1 when he pulled the Tiger "knee injury"
disclaimer on a previous blog
2. Bill "Big Papi who's your Daddy, Wes" Gaines
3. Wesley "Birthday Boy" Gaines
4. Steve "practice?....what do ya mean practice?" Lampi
5. Norm "no pressure all fun....maltby dances number ONE---in Bill's grill" Lampi
6. Lena "Shut up, Bill" Gaines
7. Debbie "Shut up, Norm" Lampi
8. Jeff "MVC ---most valuable caddy" Lampi

(Note: If Andrew shows up, which last time I talked to people, I'm getting the idea that he may not.....which stinks!!!...Caleb still talks about you!....then he is #8....and I know)

So the best ball scramble pairings are:

Lena & Debbie (they said they want a piece of the men)
Jacob & Jeff
Bill and Norm
Wes & Steve

BTW- Wes seriously told me he hated when I caddied for him in the desert and warned me not to. BFF.

We'll be playing the North Course(so diverse and prestine!) and decide on 9 or 18 later. And there will be a prize for longest drive and closest to pin.

May the best 2 win the coveted GL Annual Scramble!!! See you in about two weeks!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Say "Cheese!"

Good Day everyone!

So, for Steph's 30th, I got her a new digital SLR camera because she is crazy about photography and taking pics of babies, children and families. And well, she has "run" with the possibilities, now starting her own photography business. She even has her own business cards built a website (with some help of one of my former student):

Check it out. She has already done a shoot and has some lined up along with senior pictures and a gig working alongside one of her friends doing baby announcements. She loves it!

She'd can't wait for the lake to take some pics of the GL babies and if you ever want some pics and prints, obviously she'll do it for free and... "I think you'll enjoy them." - famous saying from her Dad


Jeff xo

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's Great to be home!!!

As Benny winds down his trip in mexico i am home with my boy for the past 24 hours alone with him and we've had some great time. He got older in only a week. I can't wait to see ya'll. We will be there on Wednesday morning. Grey si excited to see the little ones as our we. See you then.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hi everyone,

Well it's now less than a month away from the 2nd ANNUAL GAINES-LAMPI FAMILY REUNION! I hope all your summers have been as rewarding as ours. A highlight was seeing Jackson on Friday! What a cute dude! and so HAPPY!

Steph and I have been wanting to post a quick reminder and update on the plans for our Lake Huron reunion trip many have been asking so here it is:

1. We have the week, Monday (or Sunday night) - Friday morning, August 10-15, and all 3 trailers (each have 2 bedrooms, bath, kitchen, living room and deck on 2 of the trailers) facing the lake. Your welcome to stay as long as you desire.

2. Bring your suits, we have beach towels and if you need any LAUNDRY done, we got that covered too.

3. If you're feeling sporty bring your Reebok pumps and gear --there's a beach basketball court, baseball field, park for the kids with play sets, swings, etc....and obviously, guys and gals bring your clubs...or feel free to borrow someone’s. Or if you just want to take a drive (and trust me Eden will want to), jump on the golf cart and roll through the park.

4. We have the beach amenities too like umbrellas, chairs, rafts, baby pool, and toys.

5. If we feel like spending a little money, I found a place down the road that rents jet skis hourly...but we don't have to. There is a family that will let us borrow their kayaks too.

6. You may want to have sandals or crocs or some type of H20 shoe b/c it can get rocky when swimming.

7. Beach Fire pit, marshmallows, s'mores and scary stories (Chuck Booher tapes---what was he thinkin'???)...check!

8. Stephanie is taking care of the kid friendly soaps, shampoos, toothpastes etc. so you don't have to worry about that as well as lil baskets for the ninos to enjoy.

9. We're thinking Me, Steph + Caleb, Eden + Steve, Shea and Grey in the her mom's trailer, JAcob, Abs + Gracie, Wes, Sarah + Cashflow in nextdoor trailer, and Papas and Grandmas in neighbor's trailer (Macomb County Prosecutor's.....behave!)...and ANDREW!!!!! whatever trailer, couch or hide-a-bed he wants! We'll dearly miss B, B and JAcks....but whatever...Hawaii!

10. Now the most important, FOOD. Steph has already run this by a few of you and thus far every family (sans Andrew...we got this one man..just get there) is cool with putting in about $20 so that Steph can make a COSTCO run and fill the fridges in all trailers with basics like bagels, cream cheese, cheese, milk, juices, fruits, PB, lunch meats, breads, healthy snacks, yogurts, etc. Now this is where we specify we have also have a FOODS for LIVING store next door to us and Costco is very naturally conscious too, so we'll go for the ORGANIC. Only the best for my fav 2 fams!

11. We have baby monitors, covered so we can sit out on decks and leave trailers without worry as well as the pack-n-plays covered too.

12. Bring a lil extra spending cash if you'd like; there are some cool stores downtown if you take the mile drive. And I'm not talking about Bill's golf game!

13. It's HOT there in August, but in the evenings you never know, bring somethings warm.

So your job here is to comment (at least someone from each fam) on anything listed, talk golf smack and most IMPORTANTLYgive Steph any suggestions for FOODS/DRINKS (ex. special organic juice) and she'll put it on her grocery list. The point here is to make it easy for all the travelers to not have to worry about going out an getting things right away but having at least some basics there. We'll decide about dinners when we get there. There are stores etc too. Still, obviously, feel free to bring whatever you want.

TBA: Golf scramble pairings and directions (2 hrs from Btown)

Love- Jeff, Steph, spy kid (did anyone get that?) and "the garden of"

And I can’t wait to say it soon, “Let the games begin!”

Monday, July 14, 2008

my final d:show?

This past weekend delirious? passed through the fort for a show at our outdoor amphitheater. I took it in (it had been a while) and have to say that no one comes close to bringing the power-packed-pop-worship as delirious does (sorry crowds & toms). They have a way of being incredible performers yet still remaining genuine. I had to take in the show b/c they are retiring at the end of this tour, marking the end of an era, so here is my delirious timeline...

  1. 1996 - I go away to college and start trekking up to fort wayne to go to the Vineyard where Dave Chumchal plays some early delirious at twice the recorded speed
  2. Summer 1997 Gary Gentry pulls up in a minivan at Kensington listening to Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble, I recognize the song (played much slower) and take Gary's Cutting Edge tape
  3. 1997-98 I devour the Cutting Edge tapes, blown away by songs like Obsession, Lord You Have my Heart, I've Searched For Gold
  4. Fall 1998 I grab a copy of King of Fools and head to Israel for the semester. Countless times I escape away to the Western Wall area or nearby parks and listen to Friend Forever over and over.
  5. Fall 1999 - I meet Jeff Searles who is friends with the band, we go up to Ann Arbor for my first D:show. Incredible packed show at the Michigan theater. The band obviously made a stop at Urban Outfitters before the show.
  6. Spring 1999 - Praise Rally - East Lansing - Wes and "the band" come up to East Lansing rockin mostly d:songs in a small classroom where we aspire to end racism, break dividing walls, bring revival and Coach McCartney all in one night (I loved those nights - so raw and passionate, Bradley doing the unthinkable and soloing for two hours straight, Rueben's classic quote "we'll go back eat a few slices of pizza, let everyone hangout with the band then hit the road..")
  7. Spring 2000 - Adam Witmer and I completely rip off the "There is a Light that Shines in the Darkness" song from Live and in the Can during a chapel service at Taylor (mostly to blank stares in the audience), a guy from my floor comments later, "hey Gaines nice Delirious show this morning"
  8. Summer 2000 - Andy Booth and I completely rip off "There is a Light that Shines in the Darkness" at Soultrip (Andy inspired by the moment holds up a candle in front of the stage but the candle keeps blowing out...we scrap the idea)
  9. Summer 2000 - (Summer of Love??) Steve, Rueben and I go to Cornerstone for one night to see Delirious in what turned out to be the most random night ever. We arrive on the scene where Jeff and Steph were enjoying their wedding "gift" from Eddie (camping in mud for a week) We hook up in Illinois, Jeff see's Stu-G (guitarist) walking towards him and with nothing else to say blurts out "What up Stu-G" and offers him a high-five (Stu G is struck with a spontaneous moment of culture shock and cautiously proceeds with the high five). the show is hot, sweaty, and wonderful we dance in the mud then try to head home. First we get pulled over for speeding, then Reuben decides he doesn't need socks, shoes, or a shirt (its very hot), somewhere around 2AM Wes notices the car has been running on fumes, so we pull off the highway and coast into this dinky town near the Illinois-Indiana border where the only gas station in town doesn't open till 8AM. Rueben keeps his socks, shoes, and shirt off and crashes in the back, Wes and Steve experience the longest 6 hours of their lives.
  10. Fall 2001 - I'm flying everywhere whenever I want, so I go to London for the weekend and see them play at Shepherd's Bush
  11. Spring 2001 - Go to see them in Grand Rapids meet Jeff and Steve there - the best part of the show is when the guitar starts playing "King of Fools" but no Stu G in sight...oh wait he's in the back of the auditorium wearing a jesters hat and singing the song. Classic. (a Delirious show is made 100 times better when Jeff is going nuts up and down the aisles)
  12. Summer 2001 - Delirious comes to Fort Wayne, Martin brings the Faux-hawk to the midwest..."Yeah his hair was really weird looking..." Months later everyone in church is sporting faux-hawks (Youth Pastors are just catching on to that one)
  13. Summer 2008 - Final show - i still love this band and enjoyed the show next to my friend Andy Booth. They end the show with a great new song "My Soul Sings" (download free here- all the robots from previous albums come out at the end of this one)
Thank you, Delirious. Wes

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Missing Voice

Cash has been a bit under the weather these last few days, and we thought you might enjoy this little video of his raspy voice. Yesterday it was almost completely gone for a few hours, but he didn't seem to mind. He's been enjoying trying to scream at the top of his lungs, but all that comes out is a little dry-throated yell. Cute!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Quiz

Multiple Choice Question:
1. Which of these things were said by Gramie while watching So You Think You Can Dance:
A.) "Now thats not dancin'-thats just aerobics"
B.) "Did you see what she was wearing? Now that costume was just awful."
C.) "I've danced at a lot of FOXY places...and that was not dancin'..."
D. All of the above

Good Luck!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jackson Loves His Rice Cereal

This week Jackson has begun to eat rice cereal.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Beach Bandit

Today we woke up and the weather looked to push triple digits in the SGV (San Gabriel Valley). So after breakfast we loaded up the Vibe and headed to the beach where the temps were mid 70s, the breeze was fresh, and the Jamba Juice was flowing. Grace enjoyed her day at the beach, but kept eying the rubber duck resting a few feet to our right under the umbrella of our beach neighbors. When they left their spot for a cool dip in the Pacifc, Grace made her move and her mom captured it all on film. Take a look at the beach bandit...

Also, check out Grace's blog for more weekend pics!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

I know I've already posted this week, but I had to share this video with all of you. Sunday morning at Heartland Andy facilitated this cardboard testimony idea he'd seen another church do. I cried through the entire thing, along with many others. It was such an honest, vulnerable experience--to see these peoples' stories written out on cardboard signs. It was a beautiful thing.