Monday, June 30, 2008

Pokagon State Park

Cash at the beach.

Some of the group pre-hike.

Breakfast under the canopy.

A view of most of our tents.

This weekend about 25 of us from Christ Community camped at Pokagon State Park. We had a great time, in spite of the scattered storms. To our shock, Cash slept better than any of us--from about 9:30pm to 7am! Natural-born camper, I guess. We played cards, cooked over the fires, went to the beach, and took an early-morning hike in the rain. We had so much fun, we plan to all go back either the last weekend in July or the first in August. Any of you Michiganders want to join us? The park's about 45 minutes North of Fort Wayne, and it's only $26 for an entire weekend. It'll be worth it to see Cash streak across the campsites again (Wes had been chasing him around trying to get a shirt on him for about 5 minutes):

Saturday, June 28, 2008

late night video post

Well, while Steph and the girls are out celebrating into the night, I thought I would put out some clips of the summer including tonight's bday surprise party. Here's what's going on in each segment:

1st clip: Early June, My buddy Joe delivers an epic grad speech for Pinckney High and in doing so, uses his shining moment to call-out two of our female senior students who HATE each other (because of well, what else...DRAMA) and he does so in front of all 5,000 people in Hill Auditorium Ann Arbor. Hilarious and....huevos!

2nd clip: Greyson at papa and grandmas casa...."I haven't seen any child whose DNA resembles Grey's." - Lena Gaines I think

3rd clip: Mags Ordonez (Braydon's fav player) and Miguel Cabrera (Caleb's fav) playing baseball...ironically as I post this the Cabrera hits GW 2 RBIs to put the Tigs at .500!!!

4th clip: Surprise Stephanie!

5th clip: Eden's "girlfriend" Brooklyn muscles Tessa out of her way to do a bit of window washing with her boy! Ha!


Happy 30th BDAY Stephanie! You mean everything to the hearts at home on 616 Moorland EL

just a quick shout-out to the one and only. Sorry Abagail; don't want to blog-steal Jake's bodacious post. PLEASE READ JAKE'S POST BELOW!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Abigail and Bill Gates

So what do Abigail and Bill Gates have in common? Yes, they are both the CEO/Executive Directors of their respective companies/organizations. Yes, they are both innovators and culture changers as they have left their indelible marks on their respective spheres of influence. Yes, they are both filthy rich with Gates and Abigail together worth a combined $52 billion. And yes, if you've haven't guess by now, both Abigail and Bill Gates are working their final days today at their respective jobs. Today, Grace and I sent Abigail off to her last day of work in Azusa at the Neighborhood Homework House. I know this is a bittersweet day for her as she leaves a ministry that has her fingerprints in every nook and cranny. I wanted to blogically acknowledge this day as it marks a turning point in our lives and in the lives of so many in Azusa. Abigail has given so much to a city in such need of hope and a way home. She has been a consistent strong wall for kids and families in times of peril. She has been a mover and shaker taking the Homework House from a tiny grassroots non-profit organization to a state of the art, exemplary community organization of which the city can be proud. In a day and age when it seems to popular and cutting edge to be against so many things (like the church, a cause, a candidate, etc.), Abigail has chosen instead to live for things of eternal significance. As has been said of Mother Tersea, so I say of my wife, "It's hard to argue with a life so well lived." Thanks for eight years of incredible memories. Eight years of giving and serving with little to no recognition. Your reward is certainly in heaven. Now get some rest and enjoy your daughter for the rest of the summer. You've certainly earned it. Bill may leave with his billions and you with a token Starbucks gift card, but you leave with treasure that no one can ever take from you. Grace and I are so proud of you! Well done!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Grey's "Problem", Is it time for an intervention?

All right, so I know that I'm not part of your blog but I thought that I should post out of sheer concern for Grey. You see, while Steve was in West Virginia doing "ministry" Greyson really cut loose! We all headed over to our cousins graduation party and Grey started hanging around the keg pretty early. Not long after his 3rd keg stand he started taking other kids toys and taking off his shirt hollering "YOU WANT SOME OF THIS, YOU WANT SOME OF THIS!!!!!" Anyway, I know how close you all are to Shea and Steve. Gery's "problem" seems to be a bit out of hand and it might be time for some of that "truth in love" that pastor talks of on Sundays.

Much Heart, Jason

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hope everyone has a great day! Enjoy some new pictures of Jackson!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Abigail's Homework House Farewell Party!

Last night Abigail was honored in Azusa for her 8 years of service and ministry at the Homework House. It was a wonderful and memorable event where students, friends, family, and staff shared touching stories of what Abigail has meant to them. The mayor and city council were also in attendance and presented her with a special city proclamation detailing all that she has meant for the city of Azusa. I was hoping for the keys to the city, but he didn't go that far. For the event, I scoured over hours of old video tapes and photos and put together a little presentation for her as well. Abigail, we all stand amazed at what you have done for so many. Take a look...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Vladdy Hoisting the Cup

I found the moment I spoke of in my previous comment. Take a look...

Friday, June 06, 2008

Hey Hey Hockeytown

Was anyone else close to tears when Lidstrom hoisted the cup again? Hockey is back!!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

Everyone knows that one of the top five on my bucket list is to see a bald eagle in the wild. Well, cross that one off. A bald eagle family has moved into our area and created quite a stir. The eagle nest is on the banks of the Wabash River southwest of us, and while I was in the area for work today I stopped by for a visit. A short hike through the woods and and straight across the river from me sat perched our national symbol of freedom. After about 15 minutes of alone time with baldy, a couple die-hards joined me and lent me their binoculars. Through the enhanced view the majestic creature peered at me with a look that must have said "Freedom ain't free!" I know it ain't baldy, I know it ain't.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

happy 2, eden

Steph and I wanted to blogicially extend a feliz cump to our youngest nino, Eden Jeffrey. He is 2 tomorrow- 6/04 (or today depending on when you read this). He is such a sweet boy who is soooo smart (for all who worry about the "blue"'s over..he's identifying the rest of the rainbow), but most of all, loves and adores his big brother. Although he prefers his mommy in every situation (and I'm not holding any bitterness, right), his HUGE smiles "thank yous" just crush me. Cheers to our obessed-with-cars, sweet-toothed, mr. independent boy, Eden! and thank the Lord you weren't born two days later. (jk...I'm gonna get in trouble for that one).

Here's a short slide show of the birthday boy we played at his party this Saturday:

Sunday, June 01, 2008