Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving in Seattle

Becky and I just got back from snowy Seattle! We spent the last week up there. On Monday afternoon before Thanksgiving, we departed in our Saturn for the 18 hour trek Norm and Mark style (through the night) to the Northwest. We had a relaxing week with the family, enjoying the colder weather as well. We were able to fly Brenda up, she loved the snow. On Sunday, I ran the Seattle Marathon which was an interesting test of endurance. The weather was all but pleasant, snow at first, then steady rain and 34 degrees. All in all, we had a great time!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gaines-Lampi Reunion in '07?

As we were celebrating Thanksgiving up at the cabin in Lake Tahoe, I was struck again by the beauty and majesty of being in what is truly one of the most spectacular places I've ever seen. I felt so fortunate to be with Abigail's family and to have this cabin nestled amongst towering pines, up against Mt. Tallac, with this gorgeous lake just a stone's throw away. Talking with Jeff (via phone) out on the deck we spoke again about a dream of getting the whole Gaines-Lampi clan together for some kind of extended weekend to just do what we do best, hang out and enjoy divine moments of true fellowship.

So here's what I propose we at least kick around and want your input as to if this dream could ever be reality... a long summer weekend (Thurs-Sun or Fri-Mon) next August up at the cabin in Lake Tahoe for as many as can make it. We're talking a sun soaked day on the beach watching Jeff turn bronze while all the Gaines' burn, a hike to 7,000ft to visit BAB's (Bernie A. Blair's) pine and watch Steve skip a stone 25 times across Floating Island Lake, a round of golf where you get an extra 50 yrd on each drive (which means Benny's' hitting it 325yds), etc. etc. Now I realize this would require quite a commitment from the MW crew, but I say we get creative on how we get everybody into Cali for the weekend (ante up Mr. Platinum!) Seriously, I'd be wiling to split the cost of some tixs to make it happen (no pressure B & B, and Drew). The lodging would be totally free and we'd just split the cost for food, This would also require that we all free up the time next August, which is why I'm pitching this in November. If we all just put a date down, and worked towards it, who knows?

Wouldn't it be awesome that as the families grow, we started a tradition of being intential about making an investment like this each year. Even though we are separated by many miles, I want Gracie to feel like Caleb and Eden and Little Gaines-to-be, and Littlle Lampi-to-be, and all the others still to come are close cousins and to look forward to something like this on a regular basis.

So, what do you all think? Give me your input? What would it take to make it happen? Here are the weekend's next August, which would be best? (9th-12th, 16th-19th). I ruled out the first and last weekend of August b/c the first weekend is traditionally the end of Summer Splash and the last would be the beginning of school.

Monday, November 27, 2006

A sonnet for Wes: Question?

Hello my friend
to my words may you tend
A question has arose
and it smells like a rose (Nice one)

In march a time will come
Will you say yes and be the one
That will join a fellow man
in worship as we take a stand

to lead others to God's throne
I would rather not do it alone
So I ask this final plea
Wes, would you join me at YE

March 9th, 10th, and 11th
Don't you go on the 7th
If yes, my smile will glean
dial four hunderd thirty-seven sixteen (989)

If no, i understand
They asked you first
and you said talk to the hand

But seriously call me and let me know
For it could be fun and I want you to go.

Oh yeah, make sure sarah says it's okay
I know how that works, I'm married to Shea. (Either way, let me know, don't feel like you have to. You were the first person that popped in my head.)

Steve Lampi 11-27-06

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

When my family is home at Thanksgiving around the table I usually ask what each of us is thankful for at this time of year. As the boys matured, their responses became more serious. So again I ask each of us on this blog, what we are thankful for. I will start.

I am thankful for my beautiful family and close friends (Lampi's) as well as those other friends who frequent this blog. Relationships are everything. I am especially thankful for Gracie and the yet to be seen Baby Gaines from the Fort.

God bless you all!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Remembering my 26th Birthday ( A week later)

To all who made it Special, Thank you...yes thats my new Nintendo complete with Mario Bros!

Friday, November 17, 2006

For Bo

I must say I got chills when I heard that on the eve of the biggest rivalry game in 103 years, we lost a UM legend. Emotions must be running high today because I got to show off Gracie at chapel and the kids went wild, which made me a little emotional and then I found out the news of Bo's passing. I went to share the news with a fellow teacher who grew up in MI and is a Wolverine fanatic and felt a lump in my throat as I passed on the news. We shared a moment of reflection and then agreed that tomorrow's game has now been taken to an even higher level (cue Creed's "Can You Take Me Higher" play now).

So tomorrow, let's win one for Bo, and for all the bets I have with my students that I would love to collect on.

In honor of Bo, please click here and spend a minute reminiscing and getting psyched for THE GAME.

Predicitions please...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

how many babies?!

Read this short column featured last week about a Fort Wayne family's unexpected pregnancy. It's unbelievable!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I wanted to share a couple articles I read this week that are helpful in "discerning the times". The election results and Rumsfeld resigning were such big news stories this week and I think these articles make it clear that they were a big step forward. Not so much that the Dems are taking over but more that Bush and congressional Republicans were called into account for uncontrolled abuses of power. I like the way Jon Stewart put it, "the Democrats won by playing the role of the one brother who quietly sneaks out of the room while the other is being punished for burning the garage down." I think the statement made in the elections wasn't so much Democrats over Republicans but honest, reasonable politicians who are accountable to the people and govern for the "common good" of all as opposed to the opposite. Anyways the first article is by N.T. Wright (who else) asking, "Where is God in the War on Terror?" Here's a sample:
"Where then is God in the War on Terror? Grieving and groaning within the pain and horror of his battered but still beautiful world. Stirring in the hearts of human beings the desire for a more credible structure of global justice and mercy. Burning into the imagination of human beings a hope that peace and reconciliation might eventually win out over suspicion and hatred, that the world may be put to rights and that we may anticipate that in the present time. My friends, we in our generation and especially those of you in your teens and twenties face a new world, full of possibilities for great good and great ill. I have argued this evening that the Christian gospel, revealing the mysterious God we discover in Jesus and the Spirit, offers a robust and rigorous framework for discerning where God is at work in the midst of the dangers and opportunities that confront us. All of us in our different callings are summoned to this task; some of you, perhaps, to make it your lifes work. Jesus is Lord. The Spirit is powerful. God is doing a new thing. Lets get out there and join in."

The other is by conservative commentator George Will written two years ago (after Abu Grhaib) on why Rumsfeld has to resign.

N.T Wright article
George Will article

Alright I'm done poli-blogging. Let me know what you think.

Friday, November 10, 2006

chop suey

Yesterday Pete joined his cousin Harley in the "it puppy club"--he got the chop. We decided it was finally time. On top of that, he had to get a growth taken off of his arm and lip, so, needless to say, once i brought him home he was capital "Z" zonked. There was a lot of walking sideways and losing balance. Plus, it hurt him to lay down, so he kept sleeping sitting up (and falling over). But this morning he was back to walking fast and chewing on his bone, so we think he's on the road to recovery. Harley, if only you were here to let him know you understand what he's going through.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blast from the Past...Bulldog Goddess


I go down with Eden and Caleb to meet my Mom at Red Robin for her birthday tonight. I walk in with the kids and see Stormin' Norman working some table. He grabs Caleb and begins to introduce his oldest g-son to what looks like a young mother, her mother and her two twins. Gots to be an old student of his, nothing new for the most popular (could win Governor) man in Brighton.

I am getting Eden settled and I look up to my father introducing me to the young lady he had in school....."Hi, I'm B-E-C-K-Y......Becky Ketola."

Dad: "So you remember her?"

Me: "Yeah, I think s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-o."
(What a lie)

Let's get this straight. This is the girl that Wes and I had convos about walkin down Senior hall, trying to "talk to Jake" ...aka get a closer look at the Bulldog Princess. This is Becky. And I "think I know her..." Ah yeah right.

I needed my boy Wes, right there to share that "Wonder Years" moment...and you were spirit.

We shared a few comments about our children, laughs about parenthood, and awkward Normisms. SHe even stopped by the table to say my dad.

Listen, Stephnie is my Greek Princess, and Sara is Indiana's HOTTEST MOM hands down (teeeshirt). Don't get me wrong.

This was just one of those Hit- you- in- the- face, B-town, better than fight song, bigger than friday night lights, every freshman-senior crush flashback.

And Wes, in the words of Roger Waters, "And I wish you were here."

(disclaimer: the above narrative and commentary is all in jest.)

Oh yeah, here's Wes' comments to me upon hearing of tonight's encounter,
(You'll love this Jake)

"Yeah Becky...Yeah....but I was more a Jen Deedos guy."

Ha --gotcha Wes

Sunday, November 05, 2006


What a day! Ahhhh the smells of organic meditterranean foods, the frolic and laughter of hundreds of toddlers (so it seemed)-and the scared faces of those toddlers upon laying eyes on "Keith Green's Twin bro (aka Wes), the memorable moments and comments made by fallen beings, and Wes and Sara, our guests of honor, along with their BABY-TO-BE! What a great day! Special thanks to my Rachel Ray wife, Shea, my mom aND Lena! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO MEET HE/SHE (my guess is "she" 3 for 3 record recently in pride).

Oh yeah...a party like this couldn't come w/out some great words...

Wes: "Thanks for the nipples" (aka bottle paraphanalia)
Randy talking to me about Jonathan's (his son) hormones (while he is right there standing next to us)
Bill: (ask Lena)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Give me liberty...

I'm in Philly and all I can think about is Norm.

So much history here...I saw the Liberty Bell, the place where they signed the Constitution, Ben Franklin's grave, Betsy Ross...

I'm super tired and I'll be getting on a plane for Munich tonight!

More updates and maybe my very own blog on the way!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween at the Lampi's!

Just thought you might like a few pictures of the boys in their Halloween costume. We had a lot of fun with Curious George and the Man in the Yellow hat. After taking the boys to our neighbors we went to our church for a fun filled activity night. Caleb was running around like a little monkey. Check out Brads hair, he was a college professor in the 80's-UGLY! Hope everyone had a fun evening. Happy BIrthday Andrew!!!