Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackson!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti Sings!

Hey all, so Haiti has been heavy on a lot of hearts around our little area in Bullock Creek, MI. These two cool dudes are Hansel and George. they are both adpoted students from Haiti. They live in the US with families from Messiah. We have a strong connection with that country here in this area. i was talking to Jeff last night and told him we are sending nurses and doctors down next week from the church. One is Lynda Varner. Her son has a medical outreach named after him in the Port au Prince area. Aaron, her son, passed away from cancer in 2006 at 17 yrs. old. The building was one of the few standing in the area after the earthquake hit. It is now being used for shelter and medical needs. I asked Lynda what Haiti needs prayer for and she said 1.) Thank God those that know Christ that have died aren't suffering any longer 2.) Thank God that the name of Jesus is being spread faster than relief efforts are 3.) Pray that our hearts as Christians will see the need for Christ in other countries so when life here ends for others, they have hope in an eternal God. At church on Sunday, Hansel came and prayed in his native language, creole, b/c he is more comfortable with it. He lost it a little and you could see his hurt not knowing who is alive and who isn't. we lost a dance team that Messiah sponsored called ADA. The lead dancer Jouelefet was found dead on Tuesday. But the thing about the Haitian people is they celebrate even amidst this disaster. I've heard numerous accounts and saw wyclef Jean on TV crying, saying all he hears at night are children singing "Amazing Grace". One thing you won't here in the news right now, from what Hansel told me, is that there are many people turning from Vodoo to Christianity in this tragedy. To see God's mercy in tragedy is a glimpse into His amazing love. Keep praying for that country. There's more going on than an earthquake. In our hearts and the people there.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


On Friday, Caleb came home from school with this crown he had made at Kindergarten and began to teach Steph and I (and eden somewhat) about how amazing this "Dr. Martin King" was and what a "special person" he was. "Do you know that without him, blacks and whites couldn't go to the same schools...and used different bathrooms?" He continued, puzzled by how SILLY it would be (with his frame of reference being his multiracial kindergarten class and international church) if this was true today. His perplexed curiosity and heart for justice came out as Steph and I continued to use this as a teachable moment to answer more of the WHYS? "Can you believe, a guy came and shot him dead.?!"

Then, he turned to me and said, quote unquote, "Dad, you're black, right. And mommy's white. You're darker than her." And looked at Sophia (who could be whiter than snow) and said, "she's kind of black." Funny. I never corrected him, but laughed inside, now realizing how cool it is to be a inter-racial marriage.

What broke my heart with joy is realizing that through Dr. King's arduous, nonviolent, tremendous sacrifices, his "I have a dream" resounds in our childrens' generation, where "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" - and yet there is much more ground to cover and reconciliation to endure, but feel so blessed to be surrounded in such a rich, diverse community, school, church, etc that echoes Dr. King's aspirations.

After that, my grandpa called and we talked a while about it, and after hearing innocent, full-of-faith truths from the mouth of babes in my son, further heard from a wise man who lived most of this century and still doesn't understand why we go to war, argue and kill over trivial misunderstandings, and judge on the basis of mere skin color. From his words, "It's just plain stupid."

Anyways, thought I share it with ya - and join in commemorating a "special man". Happy B-Day, Dr. King!"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Probably none of you know that our boy Wesley just snatched from the hands of Ted Kluck this year's NFL FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. He did so by sticking with his boyz, dominating most every week, and yes, researching religiously during mini-workouts at work. This feat, yes, knocking off yours truly, the FANTASY PANTHER himself (along with Slim Jim Marmion, Jarvi, Silicon Valley Charles Lee and other calvinists alike, made me think of the many times why I have been so proud of my boy Wes from south B-town.

For starters,
I am so proud of Wes for finally getting enough huevos to ask out Jenny Payne in 7th grade, dumping her, just to mess with her BFF millionaire, Lisa O. YOU R THE MAN.

I am so proud of Wes for finally confronting me in 8th grade at SITS and telling me he's STANDING n DA GAP for me at that night's MAIN SESSION, where inevitably, I would take the plunge for Christ....and again the following year.

I am so proud of my boy for saying bye to the hard court and any chance at girls in HS, and hello to MARTIN himself....

I am so proud of Wes (and myself) for standing strong amidst hot coals and a very steamy description of youth leader's honeymoon

I am so proud of my boy for sharing with me the TMZ glitz and glamour of Taylor U weekends being campus worship leader. Ah, Oh yeah.

I am so proud of Wes for introducing me to Vineyard worship and Darrel Evans

I am so proud of Wes for introducing me to this Captain Pirate guy and his friend 2 liter of Coke (jk)

I am so proud of Wes for dating a HOT flight attendant (aka Chi-town)

I am more proud of Wes for marrying INDY's own lovely and talented insane Sarah jane

I am very proud of Wes (and SJ) for their 2 spawn (Ca$h and Lou Lou)

I am very proud of Wes for introducing me to the world of FANTASY (football that is).

Which of I am an addict. Pray for me. But stay tuned for another challenge that has been brewing. Word is Wes wants to take his game into the playoffs and your are invited too. Stay tuned this week for more.