Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gina, Gina, ba bo bina, banana fana fo fina, me my mo mina... Gina?

Gina who?

Gina who are you???? You responded to our blog about Ava...identify yourself-you do have a nice picture.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Another Wes Rant--

Here we go...
  • Blogger just added a new way to post pictures easily, just click the add image icon to post a pic. Here's a WG original from the heartland.
  • Apple just released a new version of ITunes that includes podcasting. All you road trippers gotta check it out!! Download here
+ What is podcasting??? Answer

+ Coldplay's new album X&Y is excellent. The songs on X&Y
deal with the pain of loss (Fix You), disappointment (What If),
dedicated love (A Message), and perseverance and hope
(KingdomCome). In stores now...

+ Did anybody read "Tender is the Night" but me???? Sarah
confessed that when I read it out loud it would put her to
sleep. Anyways I'm still plugging through it and have enjoyed it Fitzgerald has become my favorite classic writer.
"And everything all at once seemed gorgeous " from p.92

+ I thought I'd go out on a limb and pick July's Book of the Month,
being that it is my birthday month...jk lol>> But for anyone interested...
This month's pick is
1776 by David McCullough. It is a narrative history that recounts what happened in the year of our country's birth. Watch out Norm!
Read a review here

That's all-- wes (Gina your comments are always welcome on this blog)

Ava's Birthday

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Today is Ava's birthday! As you remember she has been adopted from Ethiopia back in April. She continues to fight off some of the sickness that she aquired in Ethiopia (giardia and salmonella) yet you couldn't tell because she is so happy! She is very cute! Happy Birthday Ava!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ευτυχισμένα γεννέθλια

greek goddess
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On your special day...

Happy Birthday Steph a.k.a.
"the Greek Goddess"
I hope Jeffery has treated you well, you are an incredibly dedicated mom, wife, daughter, sister, and there is a noticable intergity in what you do and say. You are a ROCK on which Jeff (and caleb) stands. He is the racecar, YOU are the compass.

Best wishes from Wes and Sarah Jane!

"The Lion and the Lamb....
the Lion and the Lamb" - Chris Tomlin


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! 27 years old today!!! Feel free to chime in on the wonder woman that rocks our world! "Friendship is higher than love. Sometimes it's less glamorous, or less passionate, but it's deeper and wiser, I think. At the heart of my relationship is a great friendhip." Bono Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

The Lower Enchantments

Enchantments 2
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A view from the ice cold glacier streams that ran into the many lakes. (by the way, one heck of a picture..)

The view from our camp.

Enchantments 3
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This is the view from where we stayed 2 nights.

One of the Enchantment Lakes

Enchantments 4
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We climbed this peak in the distance, this is one of the many lakes in this area.

A definate Once in a lifetime experience

Enchantments 1
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This past week, I experienced by far the most beautiful four day hike to the upper enchantment lakes in the North East Cascades just south of Canada. It was by far one of the most physical experiences that I have experienced(up there with marathons and kayaking across Lake Michigan). Speaking of the views, beauty and such, words don't even come close to describing this place. The Enchantments is a series of lakes located at about 8000 ft, snow covered, many still frozen, fresh glacier water streams and only accessible to few hikers (you have to buy permits and its very limited). It was absolutly breath taking if you had any breath left after getting there. The first day, we hiked all day, finishing a 2000ft climb over Asguard Pass that took 3hrs climbing rock and granite. The days were filled with summiting snow covered peaks, glacading down slopes, looking over cliffs, waterfalls and sleeping in 30 degree temps with no camp fires allowed. I wish it was all of you up there with me to experience this, It was a sort of bachelor party for Corban Cooper (marrying Becky's sister Laura). More pictures to come. I would love to talk to you all about it, that gives you a reason to talk to Becky and us!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I feel your pain miss sarah jane...

Hey, I had to post this blog this rather than just everyone would read it. I remember the time that I was staying over night in Wes' room. He put out a nice sheet and blanket for Jeffy and conveniently puffed his inhaler and jumped comando (j/k skibbies) under his sheets. SO I took floor; yet about five minutes in to the slumber I hear a little whisper...It was my best friend inviting me to his bed (he said it had to be "uncomfortable" on the ground). So, without any fuss (his bed was rather cush), I climbed in comando (j/k white umbros). After some middle school boyish chatter and few laughs about Randy "cheesman" and the Rick Ross phone prank..."YOU'VE WON FREE TIX TO THE ROLLING STONES!!!!!", we fell asleep (mind you not foot to head, but head to head. I slept great that night. The parallel to sarah's vampiresh misfortune came around dawn. He hit me. Not just a smack, but a Mr. Miagee (spelling?) kung fu wax on wax off karate chop to the head, then a second at the wall. No alarm clock...No Lena's fabulous pancake aroma...No Ben's overwelming Abercrombie cologne shower odor...NO Jake shooting hoops, but a karate chop. Thanks Sarah for sparking that window and reminding us all of our Tripped-out funky dreamweaver Wes. I love that boy. (Not in the "live in the beach hut together forever" way) ha ha. Welcome back Andrew. Miss you. American Apparell...I'm wearinf their shirt as I write at this moment. Lots of luv todos.


Friday, June 24, 2005

Love hurts

bubble gum queen
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Some of you may know of some of the strange things Wes has said while sleeping, like that time he asked me (in his sleep), "have you ever done a beer bong?" Nothing, however, tops the best ever sleep-induced insanity that occured last night:
Around 5 AM I suddenly woke up and realized that my right upper-arm was aching--like I had been stung by a swarm of bees or something. I was half-awake and semi-franticallly trying to figure out what it could be. Was it a cramp? No. Was it a spider bite? No. Was it a bee sting? No.
I look over about three seconds later to see Wes's sweet face sound asleep facing me from about a foot away. I don't know what made me say it, but the words just came out, "Did you just bite me?!"
Wes woke up, looked at me, and just started laughing hysterically out of nowhere.
"I was having this dream that there was this big bubble of bubble gum in front of me, and in my dream I leaned forward with my mouth open to bite into it. I must've bitten you."
By now I've been awake for 1 1/2 minutes and am laughing so hard I don't think I can go back to sleep. My arm is still killing me, and I am bleeding, along with a few broken blood vessels.
I don't know how biting me in his sleep didn't wake Wes up (though he does remember thinking that the bubble's texture was "tough"), or why I randomly blurted out, "did you just bite me?!" but that was officially the funniest thing that's ever happened to me. Ever.

(he must've caught my skin under those front upper teeth.)

Still the best (response to Game 7)

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Beatin but not done away with. Defeated but not down. We will be back. I love you too guys. Viva la Pistons!!!!!!!!! You're #1 in my heart forever. Maybe a little defense from Rasheed would help though. Just a suggestion.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


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where is this lake located. The people are a hint.

segoi Pistons!

Oh, I will catch this game somewhere in Japan.
We are so spread out...Tokyo, Seattle, LA, Michigan, Appleseed city, heaven (T.Price).
Hitchiked from Nagano to Tokyo today, I thought Mom would be worried so I didn`t put this en mi last blog.
Listening to Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz, czech it.

Worst jobs in history:
It`s all good landscaping. Steve, do you remember this miserable summer? POison Ivy, facing God`s wrath at the gates of heaven, `why did you dump so much on my land?`

Jake at Millers, fitting Tom Fox for a jock strap.

Wes, why did you fill that guys shoes with jelly? Ax!
Free breadsticks and ribs from Jeff until he got fired.
Ben: It`s not a Pyramid Dad!
Excel promo video: Look here at this pyramid.
$250 gone.

Steve at Hollywood.
Sir, you have an overdue know, that one...

And Jeff crawling through the hole at Rollies for free slurpies.

We`ve had some terrible jobs fellas.

It`s good that we`re all rollin` in the dough now.
Peace, peace, #1 song after #1 song.

Larry Brown almost got him

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I'll have to be honest with you, family, in saying that I fell asleep before the game was over last night. I don't even have to tell you which game and you all know what I'm speaking of. Oh yes, the Pistons.

Is it odd that Wes hoped our Soul Trip team meeting would be cancelled due to a game conflict last week? Is it even odder that Wes thought Andy, the pastor, would do the cancelling? I never understood it, you all know that, but I'll have to admit that last night there occurred another special night in Wes's sports-watching life.

Watch out Phil Mickelson, you might have to contend for Wes's tears. As he recounted the game for me this morning--telling of the Pistons' "great defense" and "solid shots", he also mentioned the last minute huddle before they won. It was Larry Brown's touching words, "Guys, I forgot to tell you. I love you," that made Wes's tear ducts strain under the weight of some fresh salty tears.

No, he didn't cry. But, as he put it, "I could've."

The Japan Diaries

Ok, I wrote this rather lengthy, thoughtful blog about three days ago but when I tried to publish it the whole thing got erased. Don`t you hate when that happens. the Blog is actually all in Japanese and I had to guess which one was `publish`. I guessed wrong.
But ok, I finished with my Japanese farming experience and it was great, mas o menos. Two weeks of intense labor, early mornings, hot sun, and great vegetarian organic Japanese food for three meals a day. By the end of my time I learned all about rice farming and actually farmed my own little acre of rice! On my last night at the farm they threw me a party and many of the local farmers and villagers came. This experience was surreal. sitting around on straw mats, talking in broken Japanese, listening to the farmers and their stories and struggles of farming in a rapidly changing society (many farms are dying and giving way to large American style factory farms). It was kinda sad but encouraging to see how these farmers organize themselves and make a living and make a difference. They gave a toast in my honour and I gave a speech (total Motorctcle Diaries style, but I didn`t swim accross the river). Not a dry in the house. The night ended singing Japanese folk songs, they taught me all the words. I was handed the guitar and I wrote a song about farming and the coutry life to the tune of `Homosexual Paradise` (the song was later recorded and some guy put it on his website, I kid you not!). It was a great night, fueled my memories, nostalgia, and homeade sake. I`ll value my experience here and I`m glad I decided to do this.

I then went to a friend`s house who I met in Cuba and spent three days there, speaking Spanish. weird. I saw Mt.Fuji through the clouds, I read a lot, and took a lot of walks.

I`m back in Tokyo now. I found an Apple store which is like the land of Milk and honey to the lone traveler. Free internet, music, and fun gadgets. Tokyo is a great change of pace after three weeks in the country. Black and white, and assault on the senses.
I`m surrounded my sparkling lights, loud music, a million video screens, crazy kids, and it`s all packed in so tight.
I`m going to try like hell to find a place to watch the Pistons win the championship. They always play the best in games they have to win, right?

I`ll be home on Sunday. Back to the big smelly beautiful Los Angeles. A fish taco is my first order of business.
I guess I`ll see Jake & Abs soon, Ben and Beck later, and the rest of ya`ll someday soon, I hope. If I can ever figure out how to put pictures up here I have a bunch.
Thanks for your prayers.
I miss you all, I love you all.
Sayonara, from this charming place.

Bring the Tooley Memories!!!

I'm not sure I have much to add (I think the photo says enough) other than I welcome your comments on this gem I happened upon weeks ago and have been saving for what seemed like an appropriate time. What with it being that Summer in the Son time of year and all. Can you see the passion...whoa...are those fancy feet a dancin'? Steve, please bring the story of the latest Tracy encounter at Passion!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just some summer in the SON pictures 2005. Miss everyone! Just an update from Mid-Michigan. Caleblito sends muchos besos y abrazos. Waiting for the summer is over officially TODAY! Break out the barbies and SPF 50 (gaines'). Until next blog....  Posted by Hello

urgent message from nictar poopooditty

Most honorable people of this blog. I regret to inform you that your long lost brother nictar poopooditty has passed away in a train wreck. I am from africa and I have found through years of searching that you are the lone person in will of his belongings worth 12 million dollars. If you could send me a credit card number, license number, bank account number, your check book, the title to your house, your social security card, a photo I.D and $1,000 I would be more than happy to get you that money within the next couple weeks. Puma Tourado soccer cleats and a strawberry blonde amplifier could speed this process up a little. Please send this to steve lampi and he will get it to me as soon as he can.

Your brother,
Scamartist Givmemoney

P.S. I hope none of you fell for this. If so, thank you and I will get everything back to you except the cleats and amp.

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


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Father - "One who originates"

To the Dad, Norm and Jeff, have an awesome the rest of us...let's go, what are you waiting for. jk lol HFD everyone!!
Go Pistons.

wg sjg

Friday, June 17, 2005


We all know that Jacob is a gifted teacher and communicator of God's heart. He has most likely wowed every one of us at some point or another with his ability to communicate difficult concepts and Scriptures in a way that appears effortless and flawless. Often after he speaks somewhere people come up to me and say "He is so gifted." And he is. But, as his wife, I see the work. I see the hours that he spends praying, reading, thinking, writing, and defining. I sit with him at dinner and listen to him spill out ideas that he had that day about different things he would like to do with his students, or things he feels inspired to teach to them. And then I watch him get up from the table and get to work on it. If Jacob can't sleep it is typically because he's milling about in his mind an activity for his classroom, or an event he'd like to coordinate that he feels will draw his students closer to knowing Christ. And when the work is done, I watch the Holy Spirit bless Jacob as he inspires and motivates others.

Last night was the eigth grade commencement at Foothill Christian. Being the likely candidate, Jacob was commissioned to impart the commencement address. In a sea of hundreds of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, I was able to find a seat in the very back of the auditorium. Speeches and diplomas were given, and then Mr. Gaines stood up. A roar from his audience erupted. It was evident how much his students loved him. They screamed out "G-Money" (he'll have to explain this one). And then came forth the most beautiful, passionate, inspiring, work of art from God's heart through his mouth. Tears flowed down several faces in the audience including my own. I expect that his words will return to many hearts at some point in time and soothe them. However, what touched me the most was what happened following the ceremony. For a straight hour Jacob had a line of students and parents waiting to thank him for how he had blessed their lives. Mom's and dad's had tears running down their faces as they showed appreciation for the impact that "Mr. Gaines" had on their children. Parent after parent expressed that he was their child's favorite teacher and that their child talked about him all the time... The things he talked about, and how he lived his life. I stood in the background and admired him. I was reminded of James 3:17, "But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness."

This was wonderful for me to witness because I know that Jacob's motivation for the effort he puts forth is not the praise of man. He never seeks to be rewarded or to be better than others. He seeks God's heart and God's approval. Last night, God allowed Jacob to be blessed and to witness the fruit of his hard work and dedication. I share this with you simply because I was blessed last night. I know that it's you that love, support, and pray over him the most and I am grateful for it. By the way, we got to ride in one of those Hummer limos last night with a bunch of his students as we went to the after party. It was very cool!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Our new dog??

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Meet Petey, maybe our new dog. His family couldn't keep him because the kids were allergic to him. Then we found out that I might be allergic to him...So its all up in the air but he is a really cool dog (Boston Terrier) who likes to snort and party!!!! Click on the pics to enlarge them and read the comic strip.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Drama at the Heartland Open


On Saturday the annual Heatland Open was held at the Fairview Greens golf course. Since moving to Fort Wayne five years ago the best that W. Gaines has been able to accomplish was a couple second place awards and longest drive in 2003, but that elusive title has remained out of his reach thus far. This year in a surprising move Gaines switched from the hard hitting Burch team to join rising star "the Welsh Rocket" Andy Booth in a quest for his first championship. Rumor has it that Gaines was looking for revenge on Burch who stole his longest drive title in 2004. The Booth/Gaines team got into trouble early when on the first tee 3 of 4 drives ended up in the parking lot 30 feet left of the tee box, and only Booth managed to launch a playable drive but it was nearly two fairways right of the current hole. A bogey on the first hole left Gaines thinking that maybe it just wasn't meant to be. But they came roaring back with Gaines' booming drives and Booth, Harvey, and Allen's touch around the greens to be -2 at the turn. This was quickly erased when two quick bogies on the back nine put them back to even. Meanwhile the Burch team were cruising at -3 under and a 260 yard smash down the fairway from from Burch on the "lonsgest drive" hole seemed like pouring salt in the wound. But maybe today was different, right behind Burch, Gaines teed up, pulled out the King Cobra and smashed one 290 down the center to re-capture his longest drive title, but par was all they could manage and at 3 strokes behind with four holes left hope was fading. Nevertheless the team kept plugging away. When Gaines's tee shot ended up next to the green of the par 4 15th, it looked like birdie all the way. But with the first three chip attempts rolling off the green the disappointment was already setting in. Stepping up to his ball trying to save a birdie attempt for the team, Gaines showed the heart of a champion as he softly rolled his chip onto the green and into the hole for an eagle! Now only 1 behind, it was within reach. The next challenge was a 170 yard par three. Booth and Gaines watched the Burch team take a par, now knowing that a birdie would tie. With his 6-iron Gaines threw a dart within 15 feet of the pin and putting ace T. Harvey sank the birdie putt. They were all even with two to play. A short par three next, B. Allen sticks it 8 feet from the pin but with the last putting attempt rimming out they settled for a par. The last hole was another short par 4. Gaines boomed another drive 25 yards from the hole, and a chip within 15 feet of the hole. Once again the wizard with the putter Harvey rolled in the downhill 15 footer and the crowd went wild. The Burch team had one hole left to play and with a birdie they would steal the championship. Captain Booth, realizing what was at stake seized the moment to drive along side the Burch team and after some serious British heckling the heavy favorites could only manage a par. And there you have it, the amazing story of determination, drive, and jubilation that was the Heartland Open...

The writer of this story would like to remain anonymous, lest anyone would think he is bragging...

Friday, June 10, 2005

Apple find

Sorry I don`t have a baby picture to Post.
I`m in another small town close to Nagano working on a farm. IT started out a bit rough, working long hours under the sun, but it`s ok now and I`ve adopted a Lee Kelbert esque farmers tan. Hey, it really is a farmer`s tan!
I basically pick apples, so Wes and Sarah I feel closer than ever to Johnny Appleseed, and people may one day say that I lived for others as well.
Just a quick update.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Waif baby alert!

Originally uploaded by stevelamps.
I have not formally introduced my niece yet. This is McKenna. She loves to take batteries out of tv turners and pull on plugs and play with the outlets. She loves danger. She is not wearing a toupe, but is in a waif baby stage where her hair is messy consistantly.

Hot days in Mt. P

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It was a little hot here the past couple days hitting about 92 with some serious humidity. Summer is here. Our niece McKenna needed to go for a bit of a swim. She is still working on here free style swim but is advanced beyond her years. Jake could probally take her in a 25 yard free right now, but it would definitely be close. I hear jake has been progressing steadily in the pool. That's good. See you californians in a short while.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm sorry, there anyway you can SUPER SIZE that order? Hmmmmm????? Watch out Josiah and Braydon! Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005

a shout out to the Pistons!

Way to go Pistons for reaching the finals two years in a row. Every time I leave to country the Pistons win the championship. And we will win again this year, I`m sure.
I`m just waiting for my train to Nagano and I found some free internet station. Random, nothing in Japan is free.
Ok, would the last one off the Lakers bandwagon please hit the lights (Jake).
Ok, peace!

Baby Roger Jinkins gives a big "thumbs up"! He is going to be a BIG BROTHER in December 2005. Hope ya'll don't mind the intrusion Uncle Joel let us borrow his login to share the news. Lots of Love to all the Family, David, Anna, Roger and Baby Jinkins Posted by Hello

for the Gaines/Lampi family

today`s my last day at Mika`s house so I thought I`d take a walk around the village and head up to the temple.
The temple is an amazing place and older than anything Ive seen or felt.
While I was there I stopped in the garden and said a prayer of thanksgiving for every blessing in my life. I named all of you and while I was praying I was made so aware of everything good in my life. My family was at the forefront of this. And I felt the breeze and sun on my face, and I heard the animals and the rolling stream, and I could smell the burning inscence, and I felt the presence of God closer than ever before, and therefore I felt the presence of my family. And even though I`m thousands of miles away I feel closer than ever to all of you. God is in everything, and if we stop and listen for the heartbeat of God we will begin to notice this, and we will be mindful of God`s creation, and we will be mindful of God`s blessings. God is in the Church as much as he is in each child at the homework house and each patient in the hospital. We need to continually remember this and continually make time to meditate on this, whether it be at a Temple in Japan, a beach in California, or a perfect summer evening in Michigan. And the blessings of God will be revelaed to us. I`m glad that I found this today as God revealed to me my greatest blessing: family. I love you all.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

the american Ichiro

I played my first Japanese baseball game yesterday. Mika`s dad is the coach of the local 30 and under team and they were short a player so I stepped in. I batted 2 for 3 and threw 3 scoreless innings with 6 strikeouts. The arm`s a little sore today, but I have a lot of new Japanese fans.
Then we went to the Japanese public bath again, which is quickly becoming my favorite thing, and went to have sushi and a local place. Today is my last day at Mika`s house and tomorrow Im going to Nagano to work on a farm for a few weeks. Then back to Tokyo for a few days and home.
If someone could tell me how to upload pictures I have a bunch of them.

Shout out to my husband

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You all might be shocked to hear that in the last week Wes had a drastically sudden change of heart and suddenly became an avid gardener. Like that! We are concerned that the four waterings per day might be overdoing it, but we're working through that. As you can see, our lettuce is coming up on the right as well as the cilantro on the left. Our Michigan gnome from Aunt Alice is in his trusty post next to his smaller friend the money gnome. I'm starting a little gnome collection, so if you ever run across one at a garage sale, etc. hook me up and i'll pay you back.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Originally uploaded by glendoragirl.

Jacob and I recently sat on this bench overlooking La Jolla cove on a beautiful S.D. day.

A chapter closed.

11:00p.m.... This is it. In just 60 short minutes my parents will embark on their final hours in S.D. Wednesday night I drove down for a final goodbye and to put some closure to some things. I went to the Wed. evening service in the church I grew up in. The once lime green carpet is now a sickening shade of mauve. Why do all A.G. churches end up going pink at some point or another? It was all a little surreal... I saw the guy who always made the soup on Sunday morn. and the lady who would chew you out if you took more than two doughnut holes (drove me crazy). Sitting in the service I was taken back to where I received my love for prayer. Us Pentecostal's like to pray loudly, all at the same time, and of course, very long (to Jacob's chagrin). After the service, I drove from North to South, East to West until about 11:00 at night. I winded through the narrow, dark streets of El Cajon and glided along the 8 freeway into Point Loma with windows down, of course. There's nothing like the cool, damp S.D. evening breeze through your car window (with one exception: frizzy hair). You know some place is home when every mile you travel beckons another memory. I loved that I knew all the shortcuts and side streets. There's a comfort that comes with being an insider (as I'm sure you all can relate). As I made my way "home" for the final time, taking the scenic view on the 5 and then cutting across to the 15 via the 52, I couldn't help but wish that none of this was happening. Is that selfish? It's so difficult for me to close chapters in my life's book. It's always nice to have a reason to hold on... to people, to times of life, to places... My parents were my reason. Years seemingly pass by in minutes and leave me with the reality of goodbyes I've never spoken and conversations I've never ended. Thursday morning I finally said my farewells as I headed north for one last time from home. I called my brother in Reno and shared the moment with him. Just seemed fitting. I think for the rest of my life when I see the big bridge that arches over the 15 southbound, just past Temecula, a calm will pass through me. Over the years as I have driven home it has been the landmark that has whispered to me that I was getting close. There will be an element to the city that will always have my heart. Yet, it's just strange not having a place to stay when I go there.

Friday, June 03, 2005

James Dean Fest

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This weekend over 100,000 people from all over the world are coming to Indiana to celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Deans death. James Dean Fest I really want to go but we are already busy. Challenge for the weekend is to watch one of Dean's movies. There are three of them can you name them? this you???

Originally uploaded by apuhombre.
Anybody hear from Andrew yet?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Chillin at the Taco Stand

Yesterday (Wednesday), Becky and I spent the day in Mexico with John Rose. I thought I would blog his greetings and jokes about the Gaines/Lampi crew instead of individually telling you. But he does send his greetings and asked lots of questions about all of you (by the way..if his house is the kind of housing pastors live in-sign me up!) What a fun day though we had. We started in San Diego dropping off his to kids at school and then we were off to La Bufadora. We stopped at Colina de Luz for a short stop, where we got to see all the kids and Jimbo. Lucero says hello to everyone as well...she is 17 years old now, wow, she wants to college and then be a PE teacher. Baja Bound Ministries is going to be up and running this summer in the Baja Area, and more the following year. We are looking for a couple of helpers who could retire and help the organization...hmm... Anyways, probably boring to all of you but I got to tell you that we had so much fun there! Wahoo!
Ben and Becky
Ah memories. This is where the majic began for many of us. For Jacob, it was where you said "no" for the first time to Don Clothier's pressure to tie a buzz on with Michelob light, and where your KVC dreams became a realty through the "education of bullpup offense" in plays like red, blue, bulldog, and the infamous "orange and black". For Steve, it was here where you became number 1 in Dad's eyes. Finally, he had his athlete in "shooter". and he could forget about the painful last 3 years with yours truly. For Wes, was birthed his righteous anger towards any injustice, especially a "no call" foul, then being humbled by your best friend's (so called best friend, yeah right, you and WU were even tighter) dad...benched. Also, senor "cluthch" was coming to forefront. Ben, you found out that for the first time you might have to "special order" your tennis shoes or clods. Size 12 by seventh grade is not cool. Also, football became a passion...go figure??? Andrew, you were the last GAINESLAMPI to hit the courts and your style and swagger (and lisp j/k) made uncle Norm and coach Carrow proud. You began a close connection with Carrow, until it tragically ended with a quick exit and boycott of baseball camp. You could of been state champ. gosh. And myself. I made the team 2 years in a row (HA! Mrs. Luck) even if the coach was my dad. Yeah, you all need to ask for my forgiveness, I know you gossipped behind my back! I got through the tough times, Mouser and Miller throwing my sunday's best blue slacks in the urinal, from my seet white reebok pumps stolen from my locker, and the dreaded 2 pts./season. BUT MY MOMENT TOPS ALL Y'ALLZ! After an unforgettable locker room prayer, and plead to God for his son to score (so he wouldn't be humiliated in front of all the other dads) I emerged...a of the key....(WHO PASSED IT AROUND HIS BACK- QUIZ ? 10 blogger pts.)......almost a it WAS a 3! BANK! I CALLED IT.....swoooooosh....the 4500 fans stand and aplaud their hero...their "Gunner" and Young Gun takes out his pistols and shoots everyone in a epic and shinning moment, never to be forgotten. AHHH....Maltby's gymnasium. Lampi's fieldhouse (name upon the retirement of the greatest coach ever to step on those hallowed grounds. Please chime in on old memories. Loved yours Shooter. Let's all salute the cornerstones of our youth.  Posted by Hello

Breakthrough at Iberia

Only those who have attended Iberia Church of Christ will understand the enormity of what we experienced last Sunday when we visited my childhood church. At precisely 10 a.m. the "song leader" made his way to the front , wrote on the dry eraser board the numbers of the four songs we would be singing that morning, then in the appropriate accapella form we sang A RICH MULLINS SONG!!!!! "Oh God, You are my God and I will ever praise You." But it doesn't end there. A Twila Paris tune was also one of the numbers on the dry eraser board. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED- THIS IS HUGE! Who taught them these songs? Is Iberia the next Brownsville? I stand amazed.

Any other memories?

Let them come. those moments at SITS that will always be with us. Let's remember. I'm looking your way Jake.

Summer in the Son, where wre you in the 90's? (A memoir)

A little question for summer in the son on a beautiful day as this in Mt. P. I vividly remember standing at the Al Denson concert by Ben, Wes, and Jeff. We were about four rows from front when Al asked Jeff to borrow his hat. Bad idea Al. Jeff wore the hat throw thick and thin, and it was starting to smell like vinegar and peanut butter. Al smelled it and almost threw up. This is the best moment I've ever had at one of those concert things. They were at that time a little cheese wiz. I could only handle so much of that one girl that sing one year. Reminded me of Cindy Lauper. My question is this. Where were you in the 90's SITS? You booked bands like Al, Cindy, and I can't remeber any more. Now, this year guess who is coming to hang out all week........................... Tomlin and Crowder. 10 years to short SITS. I could only be scared by the Alcatraz video so many times. I must say you did come through with Lizotte and band. What a good man. They went bowling with us, pretty cool. I can also thank you for the five times I rededicated my life. That's one a year. In my hard times and struggles the Lord always worked through SITS. I came to play basketball and hang out with Coops. I came trapped and some may say imprisoned by my own sin, but before I even knew it.......................................................................................................NO MORE ALCATRAZ! Much love SITS.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Who Am I?

Someone From Your Past
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Major blog bucks for any Gaines or Lampi who can get this one first. No hints. That smile should tell all!

Stupid Slice

I stopped score after the 4th hole. I was at about a 28 by that time. Long day for steve. Wes I need some pointers on correcting this slice of mine. I want to tee of with a 3 iron now so I can atleast hit it straight, but that is so feminine, I might as well tee off from the reds.