Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shea talks with another legend...(and doesn't care)

So Shea is renown for meeting and talking with my life's icons. Not long before he passed away, shea talked with Ernie Harwell a our local glenn's market. he was up here with the loons doing a signing day. they talked about grandkids briefly and ran into each other in the check out isle. Now I find that she had a phone conversation with none other than Drago....yes, thee Drago! He owns an indoor soccer complex in Midland and Shea is trying to book it for a night and she talked with him. I think i might ask her to invite him to come and play when he calls her back. Dude, what the heck! She of course is clueless to who this is, so I am trying my hardest to explain how awesome he is....not working though.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Last night lived up to the hype. After PCHS won the first on a three at the buzzer in Double OT, this one didn't disappoint. Even Mark Carrow, one whose been a part of and seen a lot of sports in life (to say lightly) was caught, jaw dropped saying, "Jeff, this is what it's about. I don't think I have seen in a long time high schoolers play with ICE in their veins like this, hitting incredibly gutsy shots. I have got my hs basketball fix in for a long time."

It happened in front of a packed crowd and standing room only (including the likes of former dawg ballers like Luke Addis, etc) and ravenous student sections (PCHS dominating that factor). The Lampi-Carrow posse was in full form with a lil cameo of Jorge Reck. Add to the mix a random enormous MEXICO FLAG being swung from our student section????? it was electric. And after another OT (and an inappropriate "HUEVOS" gesture from yours truly following PCHS' Drew Stephens-pictured-3 ball to go to OT, BHS frickin sank like 10-in-a-row free throws to make it official.

Unreal. Here are some pics, one of B-town's D-1 prospect Superman Ben Kills (#10) showing his mad hops. Jake, wish you were there. And maybe, if they clash in Districts (very likely) Bill can use some frequent flyers. Wes come up. Steve-o welled up. My dad, fist pumped and yelled in my ear.