Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos

Deaw Andwew,

Wemember times likes these when we had fun togethew? Yeah, me toos. I hope you have a pwetty good birfdays, and so does my famiwys. Sowwy about my poor spewing. I have a speach impediments, and it's hawd to type wif paws.

Happy Birfdays

Happy Birthday Andrew

Andrew, mom and I want to wish you a happy birthday in hopes that today will be "magical" (inside joke). We look forward to your homecoming in November and promise to train you on the round-a-bouts at Lee Road. Maybe we should have Sarah train you.

We love you and are very proud of your work at KIPP. Talk to you soon.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Anybody else carving pumpkins?

Pumpkins primarily carved by Wes "The Surgeon" Gaines

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The View from Temecula

"Southern California Burning" was a headline I saw yesterday, and that is an understatement. As you all know the fires are everywhere, including Temecula. My school is an evacuation center for some 300 out of the 500,000 and growing residents who had to leave everything. As I was helping today, I couldn't even begin to grasp that feeling, of knowing your home and all of your memories are at risk of burning to the ground. A few of our teachers at my school have lost everything...Here are some pictures from our home of the Temecula fire, and the adjacent fire that is in Fallbrook.


Originally uploaded by famousscientists
This fire is crazy! I can hardly breathe outside, we had to keep our kids inside today and it doesn't look to be getting any better.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday morning breakfast together has become a favorite in the young life of the Gaines family Fort Wayne Addition. This week we listened to a Hank Williams record and took breakfast portraits (normal day). Make your own breakfast portrait and send it to me. Here are ours:

Friday, October 19, 2007

Gracie's Birthday Week

Well, here it is. From the shores of the Pacific to the shores of Bishop we celebrated Gracie's first birthday in style. Take a look at some of the footage from both coasts and yes, get ready to see some cat-like reflexes by the ice cream cake delivery grandpa.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Autumn 2007

Autumn colors are finally arriving in Indiana, Cash and I went for a walk today and found this tree down the street. Here is a poem for the season!!

Etudes by Elaine Equi

Autumn is a solitude.
Winter is
a fortitude.
Spring is an altitude.
Summer is an attitude.

Summer is a multitude.
Autumn is an aptitude.
Winter is a quaalude.
Spring is a prelude.

Spring is a lassitude.
Summer is a longitude.
Autumn is
a gratitude.
Winter is an interlude.

Winter is
a beatitude.
Spring is a platitude.
Summer is a verisimilitude.
Autumn is a semi-nude.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekend photos!

I (Sarah) added a new web album in the sidebar of photos from Gracie's first birthday weekend. I didn't end up taking as many photos as I thought, so somebody post more that we can add (Ahem, Jacob, we're going to need that video slow-mo, stat).

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Read the following happened just 20 miles north of B-town. Ispiring...and get a box of Kleenex

Love you all,


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy First Birthday, Gracie!

We wanted to wish Gracie a happy first birthday, straight from the Fort! Cash had just woken up from a nap, so please ignore his lack of enthusiasm. He really wanted to play that drum, but he just couldn't muster the strength. Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Greyson playing soccer

Hey ya'll check out little man playing a little soccer if you have time at