Monday, January 29, 2007

Glendora Sunrise

This morning as Harley and I stepped onto the front porch for our 6:45am walk before school, we were met by the above picture of divine radiance. I stood amazed, so much so that I left Harley on the sidewalk and grabbed my Canon to capture the moment. We walked and I pondered the beauty of God and felt honored that I met this beauty again this morning. Within minutes, it was over. The sun rose and the clouds faded into a glorious winter day (if you can call high 60s winter), and I thought of how God is often seen in quick snapshots. Sudden unexpected moments where his glory collides with our humanity and we are left somewhat paralyzed. I got the same feeling after the walk when I went back inside and spent a few seconds watching my Gracie Glory sleep next to her mom. And somehow these two snapshots are interconnected.

This morning as Harley and I stepped onto the front porch for our 6:45am walk before school, we were met by the above picture of neighborly pranks and chaos. I stood and marvled at the how thorough a TP job was done on our "interesting"' neighbors. Last night as I went out to pull the car around back one of the boys yelled out at me from the darkness, "DID YOU CATCH A GLIMPSE OF THE FELLAS THAT DID THIS?" He and the other boys were getting a good laugh and plotting how they'll get them back. I almost said, "I want in!" So, now we only wonder how long the TP will stay in the trees. If it's still there next week I'll post an updated picture.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Blue Heaven

My ears are still ringing. That was the loudest, most exciting sporting event I've been to live. When Addai got in the endzone to take the lead the place went nuts, and yeah...I went nuts, almost hugged as many strangers as at the Tigers game. Anyways I've been diagnosed with Colts fever, for the first time in my life my team is in the Super Bowl, what a feeling. They're calling it the Midwest Matchup, and I'm dubbing Fort Wayne as Armageddon (read some good Fort Wayne journalism here); we're pretty much between Chicago and Indy, and I'd say we're 75% Colts 25% Bears. Anyways what that means is its game time!! Colts jacket on until the Super Bowl, and if any Bear fan talks trash to me they better be ready to throw down.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lake Tahoe or Bust!!!

Well there seems to be quite a ground swell of support for this crazy Gaines-Lampi Tahoe endeavor later this year. I don't doubt that this could be an epic event with stories to just add to the lore. We did some checking and we have reserved the cabin for the week of August 6th-12th. We are also hoping to be able to secure the cabin next door as well if the owners aren't using it, which would give us more than enough room for all couples and kids. We'll have to talk and coordinate exactly what days everyone is able to come that week, but we went ahead and just reserved it for the whole week. Below you can see some more pixs of the last Gaines-Lampi adventure at Lake Tahoe. However, that week we only had Steve as the Lampi rep, Wes was being held shackled by United and Caleb, Eden, Gracie, Greyson, and Cash were but thoughts in the sovereign mind of God. I don't even think we knew Shea, Sara, or Becky at that time either. Well, I hope everyone's still on board, and please let everyone know if you find good airfares for the MW folk. The closest airport is Reno,NV unless you want to fly into SoCal and caravan with the SoCal gang. Let's me know if you're in for sure and we'll rally to get everyone there!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


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For any of you that have questioned Grey's readiness for the big time. I hope you now see by this picture he doesn't take crap from anyone. He and I have been talking about this David Beckham deal coming to America to play and he agrees that it's all publicity and Beckham probably won't even play out his contract. Grey is determined, passionate, and more or less ready to take on the world in this game of Football. As we speak, he is outside rolling around in the snow building up his abs. We'll see you all soon. Much love from the Lampi's via Midland, MI.


After a pretty mild winter last year, and an even warmer one (so far) this year, it was almost a relief to see snow falling as we headed north to the lower peninsula last night. We approached standstill traffic in Ann Arbor due to the "greazy" roads as Mom would say, and sure enough I got the call from Dad informing me that, remember, you can't see "black ice." Sitting there on highway 23, I thought about the snow. It has snowed every winter I can remember of my life so far, but it's funny how as the first flakes fall in November there is always this sense of shock like, "Where'd this stuff come from?" Like you've never seen this odd substance before in your life. And as we wake up and see the ground covered there is always a sense of excitement. It's almost a guarantee that someone at work will start announcing to everyone in a jolly voice, "look outside..." But then, just as soon as the snow comes, we start to grumble about it; like an unexpected guest we're happy to see but promptly want to kick out the door. I guess what I'm saying is I feel like snow gets mistreated and might have an inferiority complex, and so this is my tribute to snow:

"The silence of snow, thought the man sitting just behind the bus-driver. If this were the beginning of a poem, he would have called what he felt inside him `the silence of the snow'." Orhan Pamuk - Snow

First off, snow is very beautiful. Pamuk talks about the silence of snow, and there is something very calming about watching snow fall. Snow transforms what have become normal landscapes, a pine tree, an open field, a hilltop, into something more majestic. Snow beautifies everything it comes in contact with. If Jesus had lived in the Midwest he might have rather said, "you are the snow of the earth". Psalm 51 uses snow as a symbol of the purity that God bestows on us by his grace. In this way, snow is a sort of sacrament in that it is an outward sign reminding us of God's free gift to wash us white as snow. Snow forces us to slow down. It is basic Goulet physics that the colder it gets the slower particles move, and its the same with us, we drive slower, walk slower, laugh a little slower (to go Duritz on you) because of the snow. This, I believe, is why snow gets the cold shoulder (no pun intended) from so many--it has a way of limiting our activity. For children this is a good thing. There was nothing more exciting growing up as hearing "Brighton area schools are canceled" announced from Dad's clock radio in the bathroom as he smacked on the aftershave. And the phrase "snow day" immediately causes kids and teachers (Jeff...ring ring) everywhere to rejoice. This disturbance, however, tends to throw us adults off because appointments get canceled, flights get delayed, roads get closed, and, God forbid, we have to stay at home. My final affirmation of snow is that the very thing that aggravates us is good for us. Snow causes us to disrupt our schedules and rethink what is important. It is so easy to live just from task to task and get trapped in the cycle of business; snow makes us stop and do ordinary things like, sitting by a fire, reading a book, preparing a warm drink, cooking a meal, writing a letter, cleaning the house, or...watching snow fall. Bring it on Old Man Winter!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


For all you theology nerds, NT Wright spoke at Calvin College last weekend on the place of the sacraments in worship. Its really good, with a pretty interesting defense of infant baptism. Give it a listen.
Space, Time, Matter, and New Creation
Sacraments and New Creation

Monday, January 15, 2007

Macroni Grill, Diamonds and Ipods - Oh My

How much is the "uncle" offering to buy me out?
And I'm a bit curious to what's in case #36
Here's us on New Year's Day at the Macaroni Grill
This is Lauren Rossi and myself
Wes Gaines quote and counsel "never go to bed angry at each other ... that's the standard advice everyone will give you ... never worked for us"

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Covina Vineyard Gets a "Real" Church

It was Gramie a couple of years ago who after visiting the Vineyard said (in only the way Gramie could), "Jacob, when are you ever going to get a real church?" Alas, while I question my grandmother's ecclesiology, I must say that I now feel like I can call her and tell her the we finally have a "real" church. For those who haven't heard, you are now looking at the new location of the Covina Vineyard starting in early Feb. This church is owned by the Glendora Bretheren Church and is located 2 block due west of our house on Glendora Ave in the heart of downtown Glendora. The only one's closer than us are Ben and Becky who are about 200 yards away. So, we'll probably be undergoing a name change since we'll now be in Glendora. Until we come up with something we're happy with we'll just be The Vineyard (we're also accepting suggestions...I'm leaning towards 2:42 or 24/7...ha, ha) Anyhow, it's a cool story how we got from there to here in the past 2 months. It all started on a prayer walk with Harley back in late November, and an e-mail I sent their interim pastor. To make a long story, short we'll now be having a Sun morning service at 9am and then Sun evening at 6pm. We also are moving our office to the church and so will be centralized for the first time. The church is so un-Vineyard, but so cool. It was built in the late 1800s and seats about 200. All the windows are stained glass, they have a pipe organ, and even a parlor. And yes, our lives are now completely within a 3 mile radius between home, school, Homework House, church, Aunt Bec and Uncle Ben, and Grandma and Grandpa Aldrich. A little scary I know. Anyhow, God has been good to us and I look forward to the next phase of life on the vine.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The FINAL RESULTS: Gaines-Lampi Bowl Series 2006-2007

WOW....last night tops the cake for another shocking year of comebacks/"I wish i picked 'em" moments. Stephanie was the only one who legitamately picked Florida (I picked all of Shea's for her). Eventhough she was last place, she finished with the shocker! Way to go girl!
Here are the results

1. Jeff "the book" Lampi : 22-10
2. Stormin' "I hate UM" Lampi: 21-11
3. Sarah Jane "picks are insane, shows the boyz she gots game" Gaines (20-12)
4. Bronco Bill "My daughter-in-law owned me" Gaines (19-13)
4. Doc "i bet the spread" Georgiou (19-3)
5. Wes "UM is the lock" Gaines (18-14)
5. Steve "seven games in a row" Lampi (18-14) Started out a winner though
5. Jake "too many brownie frapps" Gaines (18-14)
6. Shea "killer FSU pick" Lampi (15-17)
7. Stephanie "I don't've got issues Jeff" Lampi (14-18)

So here' the deal: Since I humbly won the 20 spot, I'm not going to accept
I'm going to roll over the dinero into the POT for the NCAA GAines-Lampi March Madness. Ok?
SO the stakes are higher, the wages phatter, and hopefully the participation greater. It's on like Caleb on Thomas, Cash on vinyl (records), Gracie on baby bjorn and kiddie frapps in a year or so, Greyson on martin marquis and fifa futbol, and Eden on anything edible (playin).

Out, and great comradery and Spirits!


( yeah c-unit got that JEEP for xmas FROM his Yia Yia.................we took it back)
BY THE WAY (kind like we did for football) WHAT's YOUR PREDICTION FOR NCAA CHAMPION (bball) and SLEEPER or "George Mason") Leave it in comments
Mine :
Champion: UCLA
Sleeper: Nevada

Sunday, January 07, 2007

bruised, tired and happy

i just got back from my first rugby game. it was awesome. i mean, we lost like 52-21, but it was one of the most fun experiences of my life. i am exhausted, my forearm is swollen quite a bit and both my knees are bloodied. i played the entire 80 minutes of the game, made some nice runs and tackles.

check it out:

we're pumped and bound to win our next game!

stay tuned...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year's 2007!

No, it's not snowing here. This is from last year, but I was feeling a bit bummed that we still haven't had much snow and the future for snow doesn't look promising (thank you, global warming).

I just wanted to check in to see if anyone made any new year's resolutions for this year. I told Wes mine was to "roll with the punches," meaning to adjust to life with a son and take on my new role as a mama as gracefully and smoothly as possible without getting stressed or frustrated (cross your fingers). I'd also like to keep writing and to pursue some freelance jobs, if possible.

That's all I can think of for now. Anyone else?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


With my maze Michigan shirt sitting in a pile on the floor beside me, I must swing into the blog to give some post Rose Bowl reflections on a tragically marvelous day in the Arroyo Seco canyon. The day started spectacularly with the Gaines-Aldrich crew hitting Colorodo Blvd to take in the Rose Parade. It didn't disappoint. After the parade the ladies headed back home and the guys caught up with Drew and ate a late breakfast before walking down to the Rose Bowl. The whole scene is so surreal. Tailgate parties as far as the eye can see. The stadium before you set up against the backdrop of the San Gabriel Mts. on a picture perfect day. I'd guess around 30,000 UM fans all clad in maze and blue. We took our seats right in the middle of this Midwest mob, and hailed to the Victors while settling in for what we hoped would be (for Benny and me) our first victory in 4 tries at the Rose Bowl. Alas, "Hail to the Victors" got quieter and quieter as the game progressed. It became apparent that we would once again spell LLoyd with two "L"s and that Ben and I would once again make the walk up our of Arroyo Seco shaking our heads and wondering what could have been, while Andrew and Stuart polished off a couple of what I heard people calling "ghetto" dogs in the parking lot (hot dogs, wrapped in bacon, smothered in grilled onions and peppers). Perhaps UM is just not as close to that upper tier (USC, Florida, OSU, Texas) as we all thought. LLoyd got outcoached yet again, making few if any adjustments at halftime, and the only player who seemed fired up on the UM sideline was Sultan Mescew, our punter. That's when you know you're in trouble!

So, it's the day after and we all nurse the right side of our faces due to sunburn, mom and dad board a sad plane back to Detroit, and Ben and I get to go back to school next week and hear it from our students. But, all in all, it was a wonderful, memorable day. It's always fun to bring a little of the Midwest into SoCal and always a little sad to see it go. A big thanks to dad for scoring the tixs and making it all possible. Happy New Year to all!


So I am not like some of you when you kick me between the legs when my Sparties get waxed, so I'll stop here. But I do have a responsibility as the Bookie (even though I am not paid for my services...injustice?) to report the G-L posse bowl series race. After yesterday's, it looks like there are only 3 peeps left in it for the dough. The rest of the posse is fighting for third, fourth ...etc.

Here's how it could go down:

Firs though! Sarah Jane (18-9)! With the Boise State call last night, she put herself tied with me for second as of now. But looks like she could come up short to Stormin Norman (19-8) who has her by one game and the same last pix as her. Even if she beats me (18-9), Norm will win by one game cause he leads right now. Beautiful finish though! Props.

Bill (16-11)...the long shot..unless the Broncos win????

I may come down to father and son.....seed and and bench warmer....old school and new.....senior and junior.....Notre Dame vs. LSU. If LSU loses...looks like I may be done. If SO. Miss loses to Ohio...I am toast and Norm will be getting drunk.jk and 20 bones.

Great fight and comradery. SJ put some men to shame...Steveo had us goin'...Stephanie, well I love ya so much.........and Bill, better luck in the NCAAs with MSU as your BANDWAGON pick. Jake see you Thursday!

Had a great last couple days with Greyson etc and lets just say the Lampis are talking about TAHOE 2007! Stay tuned????? Keep in touch...

Breakin' some legs if the winner doesn't get paid,