Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"This too shall pass"

All I can say is Grey, penny, ate it, pooped it. No worries for the rest of you with little children. The bowels are a miraculously created disposer of unedible items.
Pictures to come. Joking!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

levitical teachings

Hi y'all,

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring. As some of you might know, our family recently became members of University Reformed Church in East Lansing. We love it, mostly because of the diversity and as a community they desire to KNOW the word, act on it, and strive for holiness. It's the friendship AND the fear that Matt Redman sings about. One of the many elements of the church that we anticipate every Sunday morning is the incredible teaching. And the fact that every time the gospel message is preached and the center of the message.

These last few months, our pastor, Kevin, has been preaching through Leviticus. To say the least, I didn't expect what has become of it. We are in the middle of it, somewhere between rules for bodily fluids and unlawful sexual relations. Now, Kevin has been far from shy when it comes to taking the BIBLE LITERALLY and preaching with conviction and taking on the hard issues, and last week's sermon was primarily about holiness and sexuality with the bulk of it being homosexuality.

I won't say anymore. Just give it a listen if you have some time. It's just another NEW thing I learned that never has been discussed amongst the circles I have been involved in. I think you'll find it really worthwhile. Love to dialogue later with you too.


If this doesn't work, go to and click on the latest sermon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy 5th BDAY, Caleb! 5/14


You blink and your kid is 5. I know cliche, but seriously, incredible. We're so proud of you, Caleb. You are an amazing big brother and it's so awesome to see Big E just in awe of you. I hope your curiosity for learning and child-like love for your Savior continues to grow as you do. You're mom and dad, tios and tias, papas and grandmas are SOOOOO proud of you. Have a great day!

I'll take a second to share with you guys a hilarious "5 yr old moment" Steph and I had last Sunday afternoon with Caleb. He and Eden were outside playing with a neighbor, Vincent, and Caleb yells to Steph, " Mommy, I got to tell you something. Vincent doesn't know JESUS! But don't worry, I told him all about HIM." Steph and I just cracked up!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back 2 Back

Over the weekend the Komets claimed the Turner Cup for the second straight year. Muskegon didn't even have a chance. Way to go guys. Time will tell if this another two cup season for me. Go Wings!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

that's dodger baseball!

it was surprisingly easy to walk into dodger stadium w/o a ticket. from the top row, i was explaining baseball to my friend from spain. with the bases juiced and one out they call #99, manny ramirez - the 1/4 full stadium goes mad. and as predicted, manny ropes one to the opposite field driving in 2 runs. nothing satisfies after a ramirez rbi like a good ol' white/latino fist bump. these guys had too much beer and goofed it up.


walked into the dodgers game in the 5th inning last night.

moved down here after a few innings.

and finally to here.

This is one of my favorite times of year - the Dodger's have now started off the season 13-0 at home, and I can ride my bike to the stadium in 10 minutes. The Lakers were playing 2 miles down the street, which might explain why the place is nearly empty.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


So I caught some Cup Fever last night and decided to stay up to watch the Wings game. Even when down 2-0 I had that feeling that they'd be back. Then I got punched in the gut as with 1 minute to go and down one Hossa slapped the free puck into the net just as the linesman mistakenly blew the play dead. Ah!!! the pain!! We got QUACKED! Go Wings!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

He's a broken record

One of Cash's favorite snacks is his "special drink"--a smoothie he and Wes usually make together. A couple months ago I attempted to get his special recipe on video. As you can see, it's difficult to get him past his two favorite ingredients.

Cash's glossary:

"Boo strawberries in aiiiiiir." = Blueberries in there.
"Baaaa in aiiiiiir." = Banana in there.
Odrit = yogurt
Tafuuuu = tofu