Thursday, June 23, 2011

Care-away Street

Random thoughts as I was putting grey to bed tonight. Can anyone remeber the names of the following characters of our favorite kids ministry when we were little... Care-away street?

What was the name of the character of

Kathy Tait-
Rick Tait-
Norm Lampi-
Paula Stiles-
Tom Stiles-
Joe Saminski-

Bonus question: Who was the most terrifying "crowd monitor" (adult who makes sure kids are watching)?


steve lampi said...

Steve's answer:
Kathy Tait: Mable (phone line operator)
Norm Lampi: Cosgrove

That's all I got...

Most terrifying crowd monitor: Darin kelbert.

wes gaines said...


I can do it myself!! mr. garcia; ice cream, yummy yummy ice cream,

Careway Street was an over-acting clinic!